How to create audio playlist in Elementor

audio playlist in elementor

Have you ever tried to create an audio playlist or playlist in WordPress? Have you already done this with Elementor?

If you haven’t already, the following article will show you step by step how to create a playlist in Elementor.

Audio Playlist is a native WordPress feature and can be used in Classic Editor or Block Editor using Classic Block. It uses mp3 files uploaded to the media library and is very similar to creating a picture gallery.

But first, if you have not yet installed the Elementor plugin, find out by clicking on this link. Next, let’s get back to what we’re here for.

audio playlist in elementor

To create an audio playlist in Elementor, you will need to use the Text Editor widget.

  1. From the Basic Widget Library, drag a text editor widget to your page at the desired location
  2. Click the Add Media button in the Text Editor controls
  3. Select Create Audio Playlist from the options on the left
  4. Select the files you want to include in your playlist and click the “Create New Playlist” button at the bottom corner
  5. Select the playlist settings you want to include. Track titles can also be changed at this point. Click the “Insert Playlist” button in the lower right corner
  6. You will then see the playlist in the editor panel. It will not display in the main window but will be displayed as a shortcode. This is normal and will only show on your website page
  7. Publish or update your page from the preview icon or in another tab. Your audio playlist should be visible

Tip: Video playlists can be created by following the same steps above.

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