How to choose your next pair of Men’s Glasses

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Men's Glasses

In the past, if you wanted to know where to find the best men’s glasses, you had to ask around. A good pair of glasses isn’t just a way to figure out what those fuzzy shapes outside are; they’re also the essential piece of jewelry you’ll wear every day.

Men’s glasses shopping boils down to one word: choice. Some frames have thick, rectangular arms, while others are thin and round. Some eyeglasses have nose pads, and many are made to fit your face comfortably. You can even choose frames with two brow bars for an extra stylish touch.

Many men don’t know that the best way to find the right frames is to look at the shape of their faces. Men with round faces, for instance, might look good in square or rectangular glasses. Spend some time exploring frames online to find your perfect pair.

Glasses for men with prescriptions

You might worry that when you order glasses online, your prescription won’t be as accurate as when you call them in person. But suppose you enter your information correctly on SmartBuyGlasses. In that case, you can be sure that your prescription will be correct for all men’s prescription glasses.

Men's Glasses

With this new technology, you can find your glasses prescription by scanning your existing men’s frames. You can use SmartBuyGlasses’ Prescription Lens Scanner if you’re unsure what your current glasses prescription is. Receive an accurate RX prescription in no time. You only need your glasses, a cell phone with the Lens Scanner App, a laptop, and a magnetic card to start.

If your prescription is out of date or your vision is blurry, and you think you might need glasses, you should go to your local eye doctor for an eye exam. An eye exam only takes 20 to 30 minutes and lets the optometrist check your eyes’ health. Once you have your prescription, you can go online and start looking!

Buying prescription glasses for men is easier than ever when you shop online. Once you find a frame you like, you can add you’re correct prescription at checkout, such as progressive, distance, or reading lenses.

How to clean your glasses?

You should take off your glasses by holding the hinges with both hands. That will put less stress on the joints, so they’ll last longer. Then, rinse your glasses in a stream of lukewarm water from the tap so you don’t rub any dirt or dust into the lens. Then, use a microfiber cloth and a special cleaning spray to polish the lens. Don’t forget the frames, nose pads, and arms.

Men's Glasses

Top men’s glasses brands

You can easily find new men’s glasses from SmartBuyGlasses that fit your style. Men no longer have to wear frames that only come in one size. Instead, they can choose from different materials, colors, shapes, and lenses. You can look through the square, rectangular, and round eyeglasses from brands you know and trust.

  • Ray-Ban

The Wayfarer frame will, of course, never, ever go out of fashion. But even though Ray-Ban’s rounder styles aren’t as popular, they’re just as likely to last for a long time. Try these if you’re worried that having too much furniture on your face will make it look too busy.

  • Gucci

Working with a colored frame might be challenging, but you’d be surprised how well a light tortoiseshell goes with your wardrobe. Want a thicker frame but don’t think your face suits all that retro clutter? Go translucent.

  • Persol

You can find a little square, sharper, and silver eyeglasses here. One of the first places you should go for sunglasses and everyday glasses is Persol.

  • Burberry

Want something that is neither round nor square? These glasses are correct in that middle ground between serious and casual. The hexagonal frames give you structure without being too harsh.

So what are you waiting for? Discover your next pair of men’s glasses with SmartBuyGlasses!

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