How to manage and change margins in google docs

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How to change margins in google docs

How to change margins in google docs: When you create a document in Google Docs, there is more than just the content. A properly formatted document is also important. This can include elements such as line spacing, paragraph styles, and, of course, margins. And these types of elements are especially key for documents such as school essays, for example.

How to change margins in google docs

Here we will show you how to change margins in Google Docs online and in the mobile app.

You have a couple of ways to change the margins in Google Docs online. Which one you choose is up to you because both are pretty easy.

The first and fastest way to change your margins is by using the ruler. If your ruler is not displayed, click View > Show Ruler from the menu. Then you will see a screen at the top and left.

To change the left margin, hover over the top of the rectangle/triangle combination on the left side of the ruler. You will see a small arrow and a vertical blue line appear.

Drag in or out to decrease or increase the left margin. Be careful not to drag the rectangle or triangle separately, as this will affect the paragraphs and not the page margin.

To change the right margin, hover over the triangle on the right side of the ruler. When you see the arrow and the blue line, drag in or out to change that margin.

To change the top or bottom margins, place your cursor on the ruler where you see the shaded area turn white. This will show a small arrow and a horizontal blue line. Then drag up or down to increase or decrease the margin.

As you drag to edit the margins using the ruler on either side, you will see that the size (in inches) adjusts as you move the cursor. This allows you to be more precise. But for more precision, follow the steps below to change the margins using Page Setup.

If you want to enter specific measurements for your margins, for example, if you need one-inch margins, follow these steps.

  1. With your document open in Google Docs, click File on the menu and select Page Settings.
  2. Enter the measurements in the boxes below the Margins column for Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.
  3. Right-click on OK to apply the margin of the changes.

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Set default page margins in Google Docs

You can set the margins in Google Docs online to the default measurements if you want. This way, every time you create a new document, its margins will be set to the same size. This is convenient if you need specific margin sizes for your documents.

  1. Open a document or create a new one to which you want to apply the default margin sizes.
  2. Click File on the menu and choose Page Setup.
  3. Enter the measurements in the boxes under the Margins column for all four sides.
  4. Click Set as Default.
  5. Hit OK

When you create your next blank document in Google Docs, you can go to File> Page Setup to verify that your margins are set to the default measurements you selected.

Note that the margin settings in the default sizes will not be applied when creating a document with a Google Docs template from the Gallery. However, you can still adjust the template margins as described above.

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Adjust column margins in Google Docs

If you format your document in columns, you can still change the margins in Google Docs and set them differently for each column.

You will set the left and rightmost margins, which are technically page margins, using one of the methods above. Then you can use the ruler or the page setup menu. But for inside margins or column indents, you will need to use the ruler.

Click on your first column and you will see the blue triangle in the upper right. This is the right margin of the first column. Drag the triangle in or out to adjust the column margin.

When you click on the second column, you will notice the rectangle/triangle combination that you use to change the left page margin. So hover over that combo and drag in or out to adjust the margin for that column.

If you use a three-column layout, you will also have the same blue indicators on the ruler to change your third column. Just remember that they won’t appear until you click inside a column.

Adjust margins in Google Docs on mobile devices

If you use the Google Docs mobile app, working with margins is slightly different. The feature does not appear in the current version of Google Docs on Android; however, it does appear on iOS.

So if you are an iPhone or iPad user, here we show you how to change margins in Google Docs on your device.

  1. Open your document in Google Docs and access the menu with the three dots in the upper right.
  2. Select Page Setup.
  3. Touch Margins.
  4. Select from Narrow, Default, Wide, or Custom, explained below.
  5. Hit Apply.

Change margins Google Docs-iPhone

Narrow: 0.5-inch margins on all four sides.

Default: one-inch margins on all four sides.

Width: one-inch margins on the top and bottom with two-inch margins on the sides.

Custom: tap the numbers and use the keyboard to change the margins to whatever size you want.

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Adjust margins for columns

If you want to change the column margins in the Google Docs app on iOS, you will basically edit the page margins as described above and then increase or decrease the column spacing.

Once you’ve set the page margins, here’s how to adjust the column spacing:

  1. Tap the Format button (the uppercase A icon next to the plus sign at the top).
  2. Select design
  3. Use the arrows next to Column Spacing to increase or decrease the space between columns.

When it comes to setting or changing margins in Google Docs, you have some pretty easy-to-use tools. The ruler is very useful for quick margin edits, while the page setup is ideal for exact margin sizes. So use one, the other, or both, depending on your needs at the time. And don’t forget the option to set default margins!




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