How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost? And Natural Alternatives That Are Nearly Free

Teeth Whitening, Every day, tea, coffee, and cigarettes turn teeth yellow. As a result, we all want to have a dazzlingly white grin like the stars. The issue is that teeth whitening at the dentist is very expensive!

How much does it cost exactly?

The solution, however, is not that straightforward! American-style laser bleaching with gutters… The cost of teeth whitening varies greatly depending on the method used and the region in which it is performed.

Dental whitening costs vary, however the following natural options are nearly free:

1. What is the cost of teeth whitening at the dentist?

Dental whitening is a method for making your teeth whiter.

This procedure lightens the colour of yellowed teeth by many shades.

How does it work? It’s quite simple.

Dentists employ an oxygen peroxide (also known as hydrogen peroxide) or carbamide peroxide gel to whiten teeth.

They assess the health of the teeth before performing the whitening procedure to ensure that they can get this treatment.

Finally, we have a white and beautiful grin!

But there is a cost to get this outcome, and it is not insignificant…

In France, you should budget about $800 for tooth whitening.

However, prices vary greatly based on location and therapy, ranging from $500 to $1200.

Furthermore, since these procedures are deemed cosmetic, they are not covered by social security.

As a result, you are not eligible for a refund.

Of course, dental whitening in other countries (Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, Belgium, Turkey, Tunisia, Cameroon, etc.) might be less expensive.

2. What is the cost of home bleaching?

We are tempted to do it ourselves due to the high expense of professional teeth whitening.

There are more and more low-cost options for whitening your own teeth.

Many kits are available for purchase, including whitening paste, strips, and whitening pens.

But be cautious! Keep this in mind.

Apart from the fact that these solutions are ineffective…

We must also be cautious about the product’s content.

You should be aware that undiluted oxygen peroxide may be hazardous to your health… perhaps death!

It must be equal to or less than 0.1%. Higher concentrations can only be used by dentists.

On the other hand, some unscrupulous sellers substitute sodium perborate for hydrogen peroxide.

3. And at the beautician?

There is a less expensive alternative to having your teeth whitened at the dentist.

It’s teeth whitening time at the salon.

Do you recall? Smile bars have proven highly popular.

It’s a bit less popular these days.

However, you may always engage the services of a beautician who is skilled in these procedures to whiten your teeth at a reduced cost.

It costs about $70.

But keep one thing in mind.

Employees at a beauty salon are not permitted to touch your mouth.

It is consequently your responsibility to clean your teeth and administer the product.

A beautician, of course, does not provide you with a preliminary diagnostic to determine if the status of your teeth is suitable with whitening.

Dentists often advise against these techniques.

Because there is a lack of clarity about the product composition.

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4. What are the almost free natural alternatives?

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that are safe for your health if you want a gorgeous smile.

They are not only effective…

They are, nevertheless, much more cost effective than any other option.

In the worst-case scenario, a few euros are sufficient.

Isn’t it worth it?

Here are some grandmother’s recipes for naturally whitening teeth that are nearly free:

– baking soda

– lemon + baking soda

– bicarbonate + hydrogen peroxide

– baking soda + salt + lemon juice

– siwak stick

– turmeric

– coal

– clay + salt

– cider vinegar

– coconut oil

These grandmother’s ideas solely make use of natural and nutritious ingredients that we all have on hand.

But I will not relent on one thing.

They should not be used too often to avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth.

Even natural teeth whitening should be done on a rare occasion.

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