How many keys are there in keyboard?

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104 keys or buttons.


A computer device is made up of a variety of components that work together to ensure that it operates and processes information efficiently. Components of a computer system are, by definition, the primary elements that contribute to the smooth and rapid operation of electronic equipment. There are five fundamental components, which are as follows:

  • Input Unit
  • Output Unit
  • Memory Unit
  • Control Unit
  • Arithmetical and Logical Unit

How many keys are there on the keyboard?

Keyboards with a variety of key counts have been created by various manufacturers. There was a time when the keyboard had 84 buttons. On the existing keyboard, there are a total of 104 keys installed.

These 104 keys are divided into various categories.

  • The Numeric Keys
  • Functional keys
  • Keys for alphabetic
  • Special keys for Characters
  • Space bar
  • Enter keys
  • Control keys
  • Alt Keys
  • Keys to window
  • Esc’s Key
  • Caps Lock
  • Shift key
  • Delete Key
  • arrow keys
  • Navigation button

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