How does Google leads form work in Youtube and google ads

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Google leads

Google Ads has presented a novelty to help advertisers attract more online customers: the incorporation of its lead form extensions to YouTube, Discovery, and Display campaigns. Let’s see how they work!

What are lead form extensions?

Lead form extensions are a Google Ads format designed to capture leads directly from the search engine. To activate the form, the user must click a call-to-action button. You can then quickly and easily submit a form that is already pre-filled with your Google account contact information.

According to statements by Google, “Lead ad extensions allow you to capture the interest of potential customers when they are looking for your company, your products or your services on Google. It is a fast and optimized experience for mobile devices that facilitates the submission of forms and eliminates the added step of navigating to the website to capture the lead.

” In the test period results, this format has reported a 20% higher close rate for purchase leads.

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What’s new in lead forms on Google

Because of the good results of this format, Google recently announced that it will put lead ad extensions as an option in YouTube, Discovery, and Display campaigns (by the end of this year).

Additionally, the new lead forms include more options:

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Google’s Best Practices to Capture More Leads

  • Combine broad keyword matches with Smart Bidding. These tools evaluate billions of signal combinations in real-time and help you take advantage of changing trends while meeting your goals.
  • Inspire new audiences with Discovery Ads. Discovery Ads has a potential reach of 3 billion people through YouTube, Discover, and Gmail, making it easy to reach new audiences and generate qualified leads at scale.
  • Follow the recommended creativity best practices for Google Ads: create ads that clearly explain your value proposition to people who are researching new brands, include your unique value to the user, incorporate a clear call to action and use a variety of extensions of the ad.
  • Discover new opportunities with the Performance Planner and Optimization Tier. These tools allow you to update your campaigns, bids, and budgets to respond to market developments.


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