How do you write texts that score in Google?

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SEO to be found

As a website owner, you want your website to be found in Google.
Writing good texts and using SEO will certainly help you on your way.

This may not be the first time you have been given this tip.
This good advice always raises the same questions.

Of course, you write the best possible articles every time.
And you take SEO into account.

At the same time, the pitfalls lie exactly here.
Too many SEO techniques – read: clearly intended manipulations to obtain better traceability – can actually damage the traceability of your texts.

One common problem is, for example, using keywords too much, so that the text becomes unnatural.
We call this keyword stuffing.


How to avoid pitfalls in SEO texts?

Of course, it is good that you are aware of the importance of SEO in your texts.
At the same time, we would like to warn you immediately that excess is harmful.

When you read this, you may feel like you can never get it right.
The last thing we want to do is discourage you!
The first important tip that we want to give you is perhaps the last thing you expect.

If you want to avoid SEO problems in texts, it is best to concentrate on the content!
Those who think too much about search engine optimization run a great risk of neglecting the purpose of the texts!

After all, the goal is to provide visitors with optimal information by delivering valuable content.


The most important factors in texts

When writing a text, it is important that you always keep your target audience in mind.
A writer must know for whom he is writing texts.

The purpose of the article in question is very important here.
As an author, you want to ensure that the reader takes action through writing.
This is the main purpose of writing lyrics.

Only afterward is the SEO discussed.


SEO in texts: more than just keywords

Many writers make the mistake of only thinking about keywords in SEO articles.
They mistakenly ignore copywriting techniques.

For example, you should always have an eye for product descriptions that highlight the benefits of an article.
In addition, the properties of the product are important.
Visual material always offers added value.

Keywords are an often overrated argument.
SEO is much more than just adding words to written chunks.

Keywords, titles, and meta descriptions are also important, as are ALT tags on images or other websites that link to your website.
Of course, the URL of your pages is also important, with a good structure and possibly a keyword.
Well-performing articles that are easy to read are equally valuable for SEO.

These are all factors on which search engines evaluate a website today through their algorithm.
The better your articles pass this test, the better you will score on those particular keywords.


Finally this:

Before you get started with SEO in your pieces, we give you one more valuable SEO tip.

The most legible texts still consist of a clear introduction, a separate middle section, and a catchy ending.
What we learned in the past at school is perhaps the best tip for writing good SEO texts.

Because again: if your texts are valuable for the target group, they are also for search engines.
After all, Google wants to provide value to their users.


Good luck!

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