LinkedIn for company

In this day and age, social media is indispensable. More and more entrepreneurs are also active on social media. Linkedin is a very popular social media platform among entrepreneurs. Linkedin is, as it were, the “business” social media platform.

As an entrepreneur, Linkedin is a good tool to increase the reach of the company and acquire potential new customers. But how do you actually do that properly? How do you ensure that your Linkedin page looks good and that you reach the right target group? In this blog, I will discuss this in more detail and give various tips & tricks on how you can increase your success on Linkedin!

LinkedIn for company
LinkedIn for company

Setting up the company page

If you have a business, you can create a business page on Linkedin. It is, of course, important that your company page looks good, after all, it is the first impression someone gets of your company. First of all, it is important to choose a good cover photo and profile photo. It is wise to choose a photo that gives a good picture of your company and what your company stands for at a glance.
Make sure your photos aren’t boring. If your photos do not appeal to someone, there is a good chance that someone will soon not be interested in your page and that they will not look further. In addition to a cover and profile photo, you can also add a slogan/subtitle to your profile. Make sure this slogan is catchy and really fits your business.

Perhaps the most important thing on your company page is the description of your company. On your company page, you have the space to add a description in which you can tell about your company. People who visit your company page often do so because they are interested in your company and want more information. It is therefore very important to make good use of the description.
Tell what your company stands for, what your expertise is, and what you can possibly do for someone. It can also work well to add a so-called Call-to-action to your description. This means that you are urging the reader to do something. This can be, for example, to contact you or to take a look at your website.

Enter your specialisms

Under your company description, you have the option to add multiple specialisms. It is important to use this too. The use of specialisms ensures the greater findability of your page. You can also steer with your specialisms on which words you want to be found. In your specialisms you put words on which you want people to find your page. Make sure these are words that describe your company and/or services.

Interaction is important. What you give you get back!

Many entrepreneurs think that when using a social media channel it is especially important to share information about the company with the outside world. While this isn’t entirely untrue, it’s often just as important to interact with the posts of other companies and professionals.
Make sure you are somewhat active and share your experiences and knowledge with people from your network based on your expertise. When you show interest in others, people will often also show interest in you. It is therefore important to invest in your network. This may take some time now and then, but it will certainly pay off in the long run!

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Focus on your target audience

As an entrepreneur, you often want to focus on a specific target group. To reach this target group, it is therefore also important to post content that appeals to this target group and that is of value to this group. If you add value from your expertise and field, you show that you know what you are talking about and that you are a real professional.

It is important that you ensure that every message you post contains a value for the target group you want to reach. When people see value in your messages, they feel more attracted to what you write and they will often show more interest. There is a greater chance that people will follow your page to stay informed of your posts. This gives you a larger network, which in turn means that you have a greater range.

Be consistent

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want people to think of you immediately when they think of your field. You will not achieve this by posting a message once every three months. It’s important to be consistent and post regularly around the same time.

As a result, your network not only knows what to expect from you but also when they can expect something from you. The time of posting can be important to the success of your posts. Because Linkedin is often used by professionals and companies, it is wise to post during office hours.
Research shows that messages posted on the weekend often have the least success. In addition, consistent posting also ensures greater brand awareness and a larger network.


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