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What does it mean to hire hosting?

Hosting: A web page or a blog is nothing more than a series of HTML, PHP, CSS files … etc. For those files that make up the website to be viewed or accessed online, they must be hosted on a hosting and under a domain name.

The ” hosted in a hosting ” means that you pay a company to store those files from your website on one of their servers, on a hard drive, and through the associated domain name, people can see the website online.

More or less, is that I do not know how to explain it with a very basic language for anyone who has zero knowledge to understand.

Voucher. So what I need is a company that “reserves” for me a bit of space on a hard drive, and with the name that I indicate you can view these files and therefore my website.

Yes, but it is not only that.

If it were only about that, effectively any company would be worth it.

This is not the case because you also have to take into account:

And make no mistake about it: that day of having a problem with your website or with your blog … will come.

Non-technical issues (but that are very important) when buying a hosting

Before starting with all the more technical and boring sections, let me tell you about some points that I consider essential when making decisions regarding which hosting to choose.

Important: make sure your WordPress is safe

This is something that few people usually think about when hiring a hosting.

You can indeed install security plugins within your WordPress, such as:

  • Better WP Security: the plugin that watches over your WordPress while you sleep
  • BackWPup: for your website backups
  • Limit Login Attempts: for brute force attacks on login

There are many more plugins, but what I am going to is that if we talk about taking the hosting company into account when thinking about security, there are some that offer you some “standard” security measures that others do not offer.

Webempresa makes self- backup copies automatically.

That is if one day you have a big problem and your website has gone to hell, and also you had never worried about making your own backup copies, they have.

It is an important issue, if we are talking about your professional project in the cloud, it cannot be that you are not clear about what would happen if one day your website is attacked or simply something but you have no idea how to fix it.

More security options in your hosting

These other two issues are important and I think you should pay attention to them yes or yes if you do not want to have serious enough problems that can ruin all your work and effort.

These measures and others can also be implemented in WordPress directly through plugins, for example, but, conveniently, they come directly from the hosting itself for global protection. That does not mean, of course, that you add additional measures on your own.

WordPress technical service and support

Believe it or not, this feature is one of the most important when hiring hosting.

You may think that if the quality of the service is good, you will not need to go to support and that, therefore, it does not matter how it works.

I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong: at some point in the useful life of your website you will need to contact the technical service and it can mean the difference between solving a problem in a while or suffering it for days.

The ideal technical service for hosting and ensure fluent and fast communication.

It is useless to report a problem and take two or three days to receive a response since, for example, several days with a down e-commerce website can lead to significant financial losses.

I make a parenthesis to tell something more personal

We can talk about security issues, hosting features, prices, and everything you want.

In the end, when you have a problem with your website, all that disappears and there is only one question left: will you help me solve this problem?

And what’s more, when?

That is why it is essential to hire someone who offers you guarantees in this regard.

Now I want to make a small kit-kat, which I also know that many readers will not like if they feel identified, but it is what I think.

I have received more than two and more than three emails from Webempresa clients complaining about a problem and that they ” ignore them “.

The chronicle is always the same: email rebuking me because I recommend a company as if they were very good and then they are shit, that if the technical service passes them, that if they have been like this for several days and this is a shame … etc, etc.

In almost all cases of these emails, when I respond and they tell me the story and the process they have followed well, you immediately realize that the only thing that happens is:

Why do we behave like this as clients?

Be careful, I include myself.

I recognize myself in some situations as a consumer, in a store or whatever, with attitudes typical of a small child’s tantrum.

Typical example: you get to the queue to pay in a large store, and having 6 boxes available only two girls are charging. A huge queue.

What we think: “ Wow people, really. Look how good the two of them are there, why the hell don’t the other stalls open? Sure, they go at their own pace, like we have all day. Their salary falls the same at the end of the month, which gives it the most. Of course. ”……

What do we know about this company? Do those two girls decide how much staff is hired and available? What do we know about their hours, fees, and working conditions to criticize them?

As consumers or clients we believe we have the power to make value judgments without the need to have all the data, the only thing that matters to us is that as we have paid or are going to pay, we want everything perfect, everything and in our own way, and if not we put the cry in the sky and we miss if necessary.

I have left the subject a bit, but I wanted to make this parenthesis to better explain the type of behavior that I usually see in those clients who have had “problems” with the technical service of Webempresa.

Important: you have to be honest, they are not infallible.

But it is also true that in 100% of the few cases of those that I know, finally, someone else took the reins of the problem, ending up solving it and apologizing.

Email associated with your hosting

Hiring a hosting service allows you to have corporate email accounts that give a more serious and professional impression than using the classic Gmail, for example.

The options differ from company to company. In general, they usually put a limit on email accounts that can be created although some have plans that include unlimited email accounts.

The importance that this feature has for you depends on how your website is and your needs.

For example, if you have a sole proprietorship, you may only need a couple of accounts: one for your things and the other for customer service.

On the other hand, perhaps your business model requires that several people involved have their own email account plus the usual ones for information, advertising, support … no one knows your online business and its needs better than you.

Free hosting is not the best option

After reading all this data, you may be thinking about all the free hosting that you have probably already seen on the web and that seem to offer good features or, at least, just enough for your website project.

Well, my advice is to get that idea out of your head if you want your website to have a professional appearance.

I accept the use of free hosting if you want to learn the basic operation and fiddle a bit before getting down to work with your final project or simply if you want to make a personal blog without any aspirations other than writing your things.

Remember that in free hosting you will always be at the mercy of the benefits they offer you, which are not usually many, and that the content will always belong to them.

This is the case with platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.com.

Another factor that takes away professionalism from a web page made on free hosting is that it contains advertising banners that, in most cases, are not even related to the theme of your site.

In addition, one of the usual clauses in free hostings is that they can terminate the service at any time and without prior notice.

Can you imagine waking up one day and having lost your website and all the information? Because obviously there are no backups on free hosting.

If what you want is to monetize your website and have a serious online business, forget about free hosting.

Technical issues to assess, how to choose the best hosting for WordPress

Well, the time has come to get into the subject with the more technical section and begin to unravel the different aspects that a hosting service entails to see what its role is in the operation of your website.

In this way, you can quickly understand the importance of each of these characteristics and choose your options with much more attention than simply letting yourself go.

There is nothing like your own criteria.

Hard drive type, speed, and space

This aspect is one of the first ones that those interested in finding the best hosting for their web page tend to look at, although that does not mean that mistakes are made when choosing.

In general, a hosting plan that offers 1 Gb of space will never be chosen over another plan that offers 10 Gb for a few euros more.

Now … is it really necessary that much space? It depends.

In general, a basic WordPress installation only takes about 100 Mb and to exceed 1 Gb you must have hundreds of posts published.

When you see this, you will be realizing that perhaps a 10 Gb hard drive may be excessive for your project.

For this reason, there are hosting companies that claim to offer “unlimited space” when, in reality, they do not. They only offer a large amount of space that you will never consume and, if you do, they will always have the perfect excuse.

On the other hand, cheap hosting can offer a lot of space but being slow while more expensive hosting can be more expensive with SSD hard drives.

You will have to decide if you want a lot of space but little speed or less space but higher quality features.

Free SSL certificate on your hosting

As you know, one of the last measures taken regarding Internet security is the obligation to have an SSL certificate on your website that confirms that the data of the users of the same is protected.

Many hosting companies offer this secure connection encryption system for free.

If your website does not have this certificate, users will be warned by a message in the address bar that will indicate that the site is not secure and will recommend not entering personal data in it.

Think about the mistrust that this can cause in the users of your website and decide how important it is for the hosting company to offer you this certificate for free.

Webempresa, with whom I have always worked, do offer it to you for free.

Control panel CPanel or Plesk included

If you opt for shared hosting, you will have a control panel that will allow you to work with your website autonomously, that is, without the intervention of the hosting company.

There are several types of control panels although the most recommended with cPanel and Plesk.

CPanel is a control panel that offers great stability and in addition, there is a lot of information on the Internet with guides, tips, and tutorials for its use. Not in vain it is the commercial control panel most used by hosting and it is the one that we recommend.

Plesk is also a very efficient control panel, although it may consume too many resources. Despite everything, its importance derives from the fact that it is compatible with CloudLinux so it is perfect for users of this operating system.

Hosting and domain at the same time

There are hosting companies that offer you to register your hosting and your domain name at the same time and I think it is the best thing to do to avoid having to transfer domains from other sites with the inconvenience that this may entail.

Some of these companies offer the first domain for free but before opting for this, remember to check that the rest of the interest of the hosting service you enough to hire their services.

Automatic WordPress installation

Unless you have sufficient technical knowledge to install WordPress on your hosting on your own, I highly recommend that you look for a hosting company that offers you the option of automatic WordPress installation.

In most cases, you will only have to access the control panel of your website and click on the option to install the WordPress package.

After completing some basic information that will not take more than a few minutes, you will be able to confirm the installation and practically in the blink of an eye, you will have your WordPress ready to start working on your web project.

Dedicated RAM

At the beginning of my project, I had the blog hosted with 1 & 1. I was going very slow.

256MB of memory is recommended for the correct operation of WordPress and this company was giving me a hosting plan that only had 64MB.

Be careful, I am not talking about disk space, but about a type of memory dedicated to PhP processes.

The more dedicated RAM, the faster the PHP processes will be.

The orientation would be that: for websites made with WordPress, at least a dedicated memory of a minimum of 256 MB is recommended.

If a hosting company offers you less than that … don’t accept it. Even if you think that your web page is small, that it has few elements, that surely you do not need so much … it is not like that.

Remember that if your website is slow, the safest thing is that users lose their patience and go to look for the information elsewhere.

Learn about the different options: shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS, or Cloud

Now maybe we are going to complicate things a little more because within the hosting there are different types.

Once again, your choice will depend on the objectives you have with your website and its needs.

  • Shared hosting: It consists of a server divided into several folders, each of which represents a web page. Therefore, all the websites that are within this server have to share their resources, that is, the CPU, the Internet connection, and the RAM.
  • VPS or virtual server hosting. A VPS or virtual server is a server that is installed in turn inside a physical server. It can contain several of these virtual servers that are independent of each other and, therefore, have much more power and flexibility than shared hosting without being too high a price. Of course, a machine can have several virtual clients so its space, RAM, and processing time can be limited.
  • Dedicated server. A dedicated server is nothing more than a physical server that is made available to a single client in such a way that it fully benefits from all its resources by not having to share them with anyone else. This implies that the client, that is, you, has to take care of installing the operating system, antivirus, databases, control panels … Some companies include the option of hiring managed dedicated servers so that you do not have to take care of the technical part in case you don’t have that knowledge.
  • Cloud server. This server is the same as the previous one except that its storage is in the cloud and not on a physical machine. This way, you only pay for the resources you need so it’s the perfect option if you need more than a shared server but can’t afford a dedicated server, I fell somewhere between the two.

As you can see, when choosing what type of server to hire, you must take into account what each one consists of and really assess what is worth it for you to make your website work in the best possible way.

Is it worth using a multidomain?

A multidomain hosting allows you to have several domains, that is, several websites, within the same hosting plan.

To do this, you would have several folders within your hosting and each one would be a different and independent web page from the others, with its own domain name.

In general, some users look for this option under the thought that they save money by paying for a single hosting with several web pages instead of doing it separately.

However, in the long run, you may have some problems with this choice.

The explanation for these problems is that those web pages will be sharing all the resources of the hosting so they can be affected in terms of speed, especially if there is too much traffic and the capacity of the hosting cannot take it.

What do I recommend for you?

Find a dedicated server with an SSD hard drive, a high-powered processor, and a high-capacity RAM that allows you to host multiple websites without problems.

In the case of beginning to notice problems of scarcity of resources, there is always the possibility of expanding the hosting plan to avoid these inconveniences.

Location of servers

Does the place where your web servers are located matter? Of course.

Think that the closer the user of your website is to the place where its server is, the fewer networks they will have to go through and the faster the response will be.

For example, the signal will have to cross several networks to respond and therefore the latency and download speed will be slower.

For this reason, you must consider where are the people to whom you are going to direct your website or at least, most of them.

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MySQL and PHP databases

In general, if you use the WordPress content manager, or even Joomla or Prestashop, the databases of your website will be MySQL and will be programmed in PHP since they are default characteristics in the world of free software. Therefore, the hosting will be created in the same way.

Still, there are some exceptions and you should pay attention to this feature when you are learning about the benefits of the hosting company.

One of these exceptions, as you can imagine, are some very cheap or even free hosting plans that directly dispense with PHP programming and MySQL databases to base everything on HTML. The result is very simple web pages that will allow you very little customization.

The bandwidth of your hosting

Bandwidth is generally not one of those characteristics that can cause really serious problems.

Today it is a cheap resource and hosting companies often offer their customers plenty of bandwidth. The most important thing in this sense is that you are the one who keeps the web optimized so as not to consume bandwidth unnecessarily.

Bandwidth is directly related to the traffic your website has but unless you really have a huge number of visits you don’t have to worry about this either.

Businesses typically offer 1 to 3 Gb of bandwidth per month. If on average a page of your website weighs 50 kb, for example, you need 20 visits to reach 1 Mb and, therefore, 20,000 visits per month to spend the minimum of 1 Gb.

As you can see, this is an aspect that you should not pay too much attention to when looking for your hosting plan since it will not cause you any headaches.

In short: which hosting to choose?

After more than 4,000 words, I hope I have been able to explain to you why hiring a hosting is more than comparing two prices and choosing the cheapest one.

In fact, if you notice I have hardly talked about prices.

Once we have seen everything that implies hiring a WordPress hosting or not, you will have realized that it is not a decision that you can take lightly.

Always look for trusted companies that offer you the following advantages:

Remember that the hosting server you choose as well as its plan must adapt to the circumstances of your website.

Be realistic with the project you have in hand and bet hard on it from the first moment.


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