Hiring a Minibus in London: Tips and Tricks

By Bex

If you’re looking to hire minibus, then London might be the place to do it. Whether you need one for a trip around town or need something to take you across the country, you can find companies in the area that have everything from eight-person vans all the way up to passenger coaches with seating capacities of 25+. If you’ve never hired a coach hire London before, here are some tips and tricks to consider when planning your trip.

Consider your budget

The cost of hiring a minibus will depend on the type of minibus, the time you need it, the mileage, and what you want to do with it. For example, if you need a minibus for two hours to pick up guests from the airport and then take them to your event venue for an evening reception, then you can expect to pay about £135-£150. If you want your own driver for this service as well, then it may cost more.

Consider minibus safety

Minibuses are great for large groups, but you need to be aware of the dangers and the additional safety features that come with minibuses. Always make sure the driver is an experienced professional.

Check if they have proper insurance, workman’s comp, and vehicle registration before booking your ride. Make sure they’re licensed by the Metropolitan Police Authority as well as Transport For London (TFL). Ask about their cancellation policy as well-some. Drivers will charge you up to 25% of your total fare if they cancel or can’t take your reservation at the last minute.

Consider comfort

Regardless of the purpose of your trip, you will want to make sure that you are comfortable on the bus. So, before booking any minibus, think about how many people will be travelling with you and what is important for them. For example, if there are more than five people travelling with you, then it might be worth considering a larger coach. This way, everyone can enjoy some legroom.

Consider extras like DVD players or Wi-Fi.

Minibuses are great for transporting large groups of people. They’reThey’re also perfect if you need to transport goods, as they offer plenty of luggage space and can be fitted with various extras such as DVD players or Wi-Fi. If you’re looking to coach hire London, here’s what you should know.

1) You will have to pay a deposit before hiring the vehicle; this is usually one week’s rental upfront.

2) The driver will require ID and proof of address (like a bank statement).

3) You’llYou’ll need to provide your personal details, too, including contact numbers and information about any additional drivers.

4) Your insurance must cover vehicles used for commercial purposes – even though it won’t apply when the minibus is being used privately by family members or friends.

Consider space as per your need.

Deciding how many people you need space for is the first thing to think about when hiring a minibus. If your event only has 20 people, it would be much more cost-effective to hire an executive car, whereas if you’re expecting over 200 guests at an event, then hiring a minibus might be the better option. However, don’t forget that on top of the number of passengers you need space for, there will also be luggage storage requirements.


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By Bex
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