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hestia theme

Hestia is the “favorite” WordPress theme for this fall! However, it is not new, its 100,000 active installations and its rating of 4.5 / 5 prove that it is very popular. The Hestia theme is perfect for beginners but also for insiders who are fed up with playing with dashboards with millions of options.

In this article, we tell you why Hestia is a theme you should use if you are new to WordPress.

hestia theme

Hestia theme has a nice design

This is one of the reasons we looked into this theme: Hestia’s design is nice. The home page is simple with a header hero (large image) that catches the eye and a button that allows you to place a call-to-action (call to action) to bring the user to a store or an important page for your site.

Its “nested” layout remains optional but the “3D effect” due to its shading brings a dynamic design and is out of the ordinary.

The various sections that make up the home page follow one another by offering a simple and effective design.

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Hestia is very easy to configure

This is certainly a criterion of choice, the one why the Hestia theme already has thousands of installations: its ease of configuration/customization.

While some themes offer a specific dashboard with hundreds of configuration options, the Hestia theme only offers a few options directly in the “customizer” (the tab dedicated to customization found under Appearance> Customize ).

Thus, you will not be lost and you will not have to tame a tab dedicated to the customization provided by the developers of the theme. Everything happens in the native WordPress tab.

If you are used to working in WordPress and changing themes regularly, you may waste a lot of time understanding how the theme should be configured. Is not it?

Hestia is therefore going against the grain of what is currently being done – it is extremely simple – and it seems to be successful!

Make no mistake, just because it offers few options doesn’t mean it’s poor. The essential options are there, ideal if you are planning to start your first site or blog.

Hestia does not require a page builder

Here we come … The famous builder’s pages, those that complicate the situation when you start with WordPress.

Many beginners, moreover, find it difficult to differentiate the options of a theme from the options offered by a page builder. Everything gets confusing at first and it can even scare or put off the user!

With the Hestia theme, you can forget about the builder’s pages, at least at the beginning. You can then focus only on the architecture of your site, the content of your pages, and the design of your home page. This is the most important when you think about it!

But how ? Without page builder ???

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How to create an attractive home page without a page builder?

The answer is simple: it is enough that the developers of the theme have planned it. And Hestia offers a modular home page with 11 customizable sections:

Go to the Appearance> Customize tab. Among the various settings, you will see the “home page sections” tab. This will allow you to activate or deactivate each of the available sections such as:

1 – The headline section:

This is the “header hero”. You will be able to change the welcome image, titles, and subtitles as well as the button link. This section cannot be deactivated.

2 – The “features” section:

This is the “highlight” section. You can customize the icons and their color, without forgetting the titles and content. Three highlighted elements are already installed but you can add new ones.

3 – The About section:

This section will display the text that is entered in the editor of your home page. I’m talking about the created page that you find in the Page tab > All Pages> Home. So you can add free content. From the customizer, you can change the background image and you can also enter the text, without having to edit your page. It is very simple.

4 – The Team section:

By activating this section of the Hestia theme, you will be able to present your team, it is ideal for a small agency for example. 4 members are already inserted but you can delete or add some. For each member, you can customize the photo, URL, text, etc.

5 – The Ribbon section:

This middle section allows you to add a background image, text, and a call-to-action button.

6 – The Testimonial section:

This section allows you to display some customer reviews. It is managed in the same way as the Team section.

7 – The Customers Bar section:

If you have partners, you can easily display their logo with a link to their site address from the Customers Bar section.

8 – The Subscription section:

This section is intended to encourage Internet users to subscribe to your Newsletter. Hestia even allows integration of your SendinBlue account, the leader for sending marketing or transactional emails.

9 – The Blog section:

This section is simple, it will display your last published articles. You can only choose the number of articles but you will not be able to filter them by category for example. Like the other sections, it can be deactivated.

10 – The Contact section:

A contact form integration is provided in this section. You can very easily configure the embedded form with Hestia: Pirate Forms.

11 – The Shop section:

The Hestia theme is WooCommerce compatible. Therefore, if you set up an online store, you will benefit from the eleventh section on your home page.

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Hestia is compatible with Elementor

What? What? We didn’t say that Hestia didn’t need a page builder ???

If, indeed, as we have just seen, the home page is made up of sections worthy of a page builder, so no need to add one.

On the other hand, if you want to build complex layouts on the rest of the pages of your site, you will need a page builder.

Good news! Hestia is compatible with Elementor, the trendy extension for making beautiful designs… for free! It is also compatible with Beaver Builder.

No need to rush. If you’re new to WordPress, Hestia will be self-sufficient at first. Then, you will be able, without problem, to install Elementor to improve your other pages.

The significant advantages of Hestia

The significant advantage is that this theme is freemium. That is, it is free up to a certain level of customization.

But that’s not all, the company that created this theme recommends installing two of its extensions:

  • Orbit fox
  • Pirate Forms

By installing them, you will have access to many additional and fully compatible features without spending hours adding xxx plugins and configuring them! It’s a huge time saver.

Here’s what Orbit Fox will bring you:

  • a social sharing module: this saves you from adding a plugin like Monarch for example.
  • a notification module when your site is “down”
  • a Google Analytics tracking integration module
  • the sections of the Hestia home page: no need for a page builder thanks to the sections of the home page, as seen previously
  • widgets compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • downloadable layouts: you can install up to 12 templates in 1 click
  • icons to add to your main menu: ideal for a personalized menu
  • royalty-free images from MyStock.Photos: Lots of royalty-free photos, straight from your back office. It’s rare to see this in a freemium theme/plugin!
  • a notification bar of your privacy policy: this saves you from using an additional plugin and is very easy to configure!
  • a CDN to host your photos and lighten your site (beta for now)

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In conclusion

To conclude, the Hestia theme is ideal for beginners because there are many features onboard without having to tear your hair to configure them. Rarely have I seen such a simple theme that results in such a cool design.

In addition, you could see that the sections available on the home page allow you to create a blog, a showcase site, or an online store. This means that this WordPress theme could just as easily be used by a blogger, an agency, or a business.

So it adapts to any situation and its number of active installs promises to use a theme that will be maintained and improved in the long run – unlike other free themes which can quickly become obsolete.

A little tip before finishing: the option to raise the credits for the Hestia theme in the footer does not exist. But don’t worry, with this little bit of CSS you can easily suppress its display.




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