Here are the top 5 methods to earn money while on vacation

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Methods to earn money while on vacation Do you wish to make money during your vacation as a high school student or a student? Generation Voyage provides a “good bargains” guide!
Oh, high school and the first few years of college… The never-ending lunch breaks, the occasionally questionable “revision” sessions, and, most importantly, the summer vacation! They signify independence, satisfaction, and leisure after a long academic year for many high school and college students. Above all, they are associated with the sun, enjoyment, trips, and… adventures!

However, when you are under the age of 20, it is frequently quite difficult to plan the ideal holiday, for one simple reason: a lack of money. Then comes the time to consider getting a “summer job,” which is often a limitation for many young folks.

But trust us when we say that working in the summer can be a lot of fun! If you discover a student job that you like, you will not want to quit when the season is done. You may also post feedback on your company on specialised sites, which will assist your future colleagues in finding the finest summer employment!

1. Catering and service

Methods to earn money while on vacation Service is the first great classic of student employment! You will be able to locate THE location that fits you in a bar or a restaurant, for lunch or dinner, as a bartender or as a waiter.

Like every summer, pubs and patios around France will be packed, which is your best chance. Indeed, hundreds of bargains will be accessible at the start of each season (start your search in April/May at the very least…). You won’t be on the “good side” of the table, but trust us when we say it may be a pleasant surprise!

When you work as a waitress or a bartender, you are above all a member of a team that generally supports and assists one another. Above all, working in the restaurant sector will help you improve your sociability and will undoubtedly introduce you to some wonderful individuals.

The service and catering professions are the great classics of summer employment that will enable you to make money throughout your vacations. They are often highly compensated and accompanied by tips.

2. Animation: the editor’s favourite

Methods to earn money while on vacation The second great classic of summer jobs to make money while your vacation is animation! By far and away our favourite.

Already, since the offer is as extensive as the space available. The possibilities for activity centre leaders, summer camp leaders, and holiday club leaders are limitless… Furthermore, each year, thousands of adverts are posted on the internet. So trust us when we say that if you take the time to seek, you will discover.

Then there’s the fact that you don’t have to have a diploma or experience to apply. Of course, having a BAFA or having previously cared for children can help your applications, but you may certainly find work without one.

Finally, and most importantly, because the animation is unparalleled. You’ll meet youngsters who will leave you with lifelong memories, you’ll learn to be responsible, and you’ll meet other animators with whom you’ll spend wonderful nights.

On the other hand, not all employment in the animation industry are equivalent in terms of pay.

3. Pet care

Methods to earn money while on vacation Once again, if you want to make money while your vacation, here is a true “excellent strategy.” Pet sitting has become more popular in recent years. Unable to travel on holiday with their animals, and kennels being often too costly, the owners have devised a solution: they have enlisted the help of students to care after their prized possessions.

All you have to do is come spend time with the marvels, remember to replenish their bowls, and take them for a stroll. But make no mistake: in order to be considered for this position, you must have a real interest in animals.

If this is the case, do not hesitate: the pay ranges from $6 to $20 each day.

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4. Plagiste

Methods to earn money while on vacation Does working on the beach with your feet in the sand and your eyes in the sea appeal to you? At first appearance, the profession of beach attendant seems to be tailor-made for you! Beach attendants, however, do not have it easy, with a variety of responsibilities and sometimes demanding schedules.

Beach attendants will be accountable for the same tasks whether they work on the Côte d’Azur or the beaches of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. As a result, you’ll have to put up deckchairs, mattresses, and parasols ahead of time, then take them down at the end of the day.

Depending on the region, the beach attendant may also be in charge of client well-being and demands, as well as the rental of equipment (mattresses, towels, etc.). Finally, on certain beaches, beach staff will be required to apply sunscreen to clients’ backs.

As a result, you will need to be patient, cheerful, and friendly, as well as speak a foreign language most of the time. Although it is not the perfect summer employment, it is highly compensated. Indeed, you will have to add tips to your wage (about $1,200), which may be substantial (and sometimes higher than your initial salary).

5. Museum Supervisor

Methods to earn money while on vacation Are you hoping to dodge the December heat wave or the driving rains? This is THE job for you: museum supervisor. The position of museum supervisor is a wonderful choice since it offers flexible hours, uncomplicated tasks, and decent working circumstances.

You will be the guardian of one or more museum rooms, and you will be responsible for enforcing the pre-established orders. You may have to accompany a school group for the whole of their stay. Finally, you may be summoned to the museum’s entrance to verify your admission tickets. So, nothing too horrible…

On the other hand, you must stand up and pay attention to your surroundings whenever a guest points the tip of his nose. However, as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy paintings that you would not have seen otherwise.

You now have all of the cards in your hand in order to locate the best student employment for you! If you have a background in tourism or speak many foreign languages, you may also receive information from the tourist offices in the locations where you want to spend your vacation. At the start of summer, they normally have hundreds of employment openings.

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