Helen’s Heating and Air (HHA) wants to encourage interest in their new smart refrigerators. They know that WidgetCo also sells smart refrigerators. HHA’s marketing manager creates the broad match keyword “refrigerator,” and adds “WidgetCo” as a negative keyword. Which two searches may prompt the ad?

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Energy-efficient fridge and Smart refrigerator reviews are the two searches that may prompt the ad.

  • WidgetCo customer support
  • Refrigerator reviews WidgetCo
  • WidgetCo refrigerator installation
  • Smart refrigerator reviews
  • Energy-efficient fridge

The correct answers are: Smart refrigerator reviews and Energy-efficient fridge

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Since Helen’s Heating and Air has added “WidgetCo” as a negative watchword, the advertisement will not be displayed on any term that has that negative term anyplace in the catchphrase.

When choosing negative catchphrases for search crusades, search for search terms that are like your watchwords, yet may oblige clients looking for an alternate item.

For search crusades, you can utilize wide match, state match, or careful match negative watchwords.



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