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You have read about the advantages of WordPress and are convinced to build a new website with this Content Management System (CMS). However, the big question you still have is: am I going to do this myself or do I have a WordPress website developed?
As you might imagine, both options have their pros and cons. In this article, we list a number of considerations for you. We discuss the following points:

  1. Why build your own WordPress website?
  2. Building a website is no longer that difficult
  3. Outsource at a later time
  4. When you should outsource
  5. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?
build wordpress website
build WordPress website

Why build your own WordPress?

The main reason to build a WordPress website yourself is that it costs money to outsource it. If you choose to have a WordPress website built by a WordPress agency or developer, they will of course charge you money. And the hourly rates they charge are often not low.

The alternative is to build a WordPress website yourself. Logically, you do not lose such an investment as having the website built. At least, you’re making a different kind of investment.
That is an investment in yourself. By building a WordPress website yourself, you learn a lot of new skills such as WordPress website development, WordPress maintenance, and search engine optimization.
And if you start Googling search terms like “build WordPress website” or “build WordPress website”, then read the articles, you’ll probably go a long way.

Let’s be honest: the reality is that building a WordPress website yourself is a good solution for most (starting) entrepreneurs. Sometimes it is even a better solution than outsourcing. Why? As a (starting) entrepreneur you are often richer in time than money. It is therefore often a good idea to invest that time in building your WordPress website yourself.

Building a website is no longer that difficult

Building a website has long ceased to be a tedious and lengthy process of writing complex codes together. Especially with CMS WordPress, it is very easy to build a website. It is not necessary to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other difficult coding languages. You really only need WordPress a hoster, a domain name, and a WordPress (premium) template.

Moreover, you can also have a lot of fun building your own WordPress website. It is a creative process that involves a lot. Of course, there are also certain challenges, but this is good for knowledge development. Another big advantage is that you are in control of everything yourself and are not dependent on a third party.

Outsource at a later time

The great thing about building websites in WordPress is that the CMS is accessible to everyone.
This means that if you decide to build your own website in WordPress, it is always possible to have the website further developed and/or maintained by a professional agency. We also have a number of customers who, for various reasons, have decided to place their website with us.

Sometimes this has to do with the fact that the company has grown so fast that other matters require more attention. It is also possible that the entrepreneur is looking for a custom WordPress solution that he or she cannot develop himself. In that case, it is often chosen to work with a professional WordPress agency.
Furthermore, it often happens that entrepreneurs want to take their website to the next level by having a better UX design implemented, having search engine optimization done, or wanting to have their website optimally maintained.

The advantage that most of these entrepreneurs have is that, through their experiences with WordPress, they can indicate exactly what they do and do not want. Building a WordPress yourself can therefore give you relevant knowledge about your specific wishes. This facilitates cooperation with a third party.

When you should outsource

When would you outsource building a WordPress website? Because we have been building WordPress websites for some time (about 16 years), we can provide an extensive and clear answer to this. This has to do with a number of considerations:

How much time and patience do you have?

It seems attractive to many (starting) entrepreneurs. Just quickly choose a domain name, download WordPress and then start building your own WordPress website. However, the risk is often a half-baked result with a lot of loose ends. So the questions you need to ask yourself are:
how much time is it worth to me? Isn’t it better to spend the energy I put into building a WordPress website on generating new business? Am I technically inclined? What we’re trying to say is that you really need to be committed to building a full-fledged WordPress website.

And indeed, to have a WordPress website built requires an investment, but this does not have to be a very large one. We must honestly admit that we are a premium WordPress internet agency and therefore do not have the cheapest price. But for this price, you do get something. Namely a high-quality custom WordPress website that is constantly being developed by a team of experienced WordPress specialists.

Does your company have a department that can develop the website itself?

The larger companies often have their own department that is capable of developing the website. Usually, this is the marketing and communication department. The only question is whether it is a good idea to have this handled internally. It seems like a very practical solution, but there are quite a few risks involved.

The biggest risk is that there is often limited knowledge within a company about how to set up a (WordPress) website. Someone from the marketing and communication department has had a bit of fun with it and is eager to get started. But what do you do as a company if it doesn’t turn out quite as you would have liked or if the web builder goes on holiday?
Exactly, then you’ll be in trouble and regret not hiring a professional web agency. Another advantage of a WordPress internet agency is that they often have people who understand not only WordPress website development, but also search engine optimization, user experience, hosting, maintenance, and so on.

How much value do you attach to a professional trajectory?

Having your WordPress website built and further developed by the boy next door, your niece, or a student can be handy and inexpensive, but this almost never goes smoothly. How often does it happen that this young top player gets too busy with his or her studies or gets a permanent job? And what do you do if the website doesn’t look like you envisioned? You can’t fall back on anyone at that point.

You will not (usually) encounter these problems with a professional WordPress internet agency. The WordPress project is worked out from A to Z and your wishes are optimally taken into account. This means that you don’t have to worry about how your WordPress website will look like, but also about the further development and maintenance of your website.

Looking for more than WordPress website development?

You built your WordPress website yourself or had it built by a hobbyist or self-employed person, but where should you go with all your questions? At Sowmedia we have a special department for this called the support desk. We manage and support more than 400 WordPress websites and this is also one of our most important daily tasks. Can we also take care of you?

Take a look at our maintenance and support page. Are you also looking for a good WordPress hoster? We have a solution for that too. Behind our lightning-fast powerful WordPress hosting solution lies a strong partnership between Sowmedia and Kinsta. Kinsta has been ranked among the absolute global top of Enterprise WordPress hosting solutions by independent reviews for years.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

That is of course the main question and perhaps the reason you are reading this article. We can be very short and sweet about this do you need a complete house style; developed, you usually pay more. If you outsource it to a professional WordPress agency such as Sowmedia, there are roughly two models.

Model 1 :

you choose an existing template (for us that is Enfold ), in which you can choose from certain elements and customizations.

Model 2 :

We offer a more complex WordPress website with a lot of customization depending on how many customized solutions are needed. If you choose this model, we will always develop a unique WordPress template for you.

Have you already made a choice for your WordPress website?

Of course, we would love it if you decide to let us build a WordPress website, but you should do what best suits your situation. Are you an entrepreneur with a lot of time and little money? Then it is wiser to build your WordPress website yourself. Do you work for a medium-sized company, a corporate or do you want your own webshop? Then you would do well to outsource it.

Many larger organizations that have opted for a WordPress website development process with us see more advantages than disadvantages. Just like they outsource their accounting to an accountant,
for example, they prefer having their WordPress website built over the investment of time, energy, and management required to build a website themselves. However, the self-employed and smaller companies more often choose to build their WordPress website themselves.

If you want to make an investment in yourself and you have a lot of patience, this could also be a good option for you.


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