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eCommerce copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting is one of those tasks that most eCommerce starters often overlook before opening a shop. Small, medium and big business owners are well aware that they must wear several hats, from accountants to marketing professionals, but what about copywriters? It seems time-consuming, especially if your website has dozens of pages and hundreds of goods.

In this article, we’ll share some copywriting tips that teach you how to write effective web copy that suits your corporate culture.

What is eCommerce copywriting?

Any written material or content that you develop for an online business is referred to as eCommerce copywriting. Your writing talents may help you produce more sales in a variety of locations, including headlines, category pages, product descriptions, promotional offers, and landing pages.

The goal of eCommerce copywriting is to properly describe the benefits of their items while also assisting your online store’s search engine ranking. You must be a skilled communicator, persuade with words, promote your brand’s voice, and grasp the psychology of what makes a buyer buy to be effective.

What is the Difference Between a Web Copy Vs a Web Content?

When someone visits your website, you must be able to quickly engage with them in order to keep them there. Thus, you must hook and lure them in, in order to sell your products and services to them. And the primary content that must get their interest and guide them around your website is referred to as the web copy.

A website copy informs but it also intends to sell. It may be found on the site’s home page, the about page, all service and product pages, and practically applicable on all of your site’s other pages. At the same time, web copy can also be applied in social media postings and other channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook ads, as well as email newsletters. Therefore, any writing that is used to advertise or sell something on the internet is referred to as web copy.

On the other hand, web content refers to any other content that improves a user’s experience on a website. It includes blog entries, product images or illustrations, product page explanations, audiobooks, and other sorts of content, not top-level pages, foundation pages, or perhaps even converting sales funnels. The printed language isn’t the only thing that makes up web content. Social networking postings, videos, audiobooks, and sometimes even ad text can all be considered web content. It may be used as a catch-all phrase in the same way that SEO and SEM are, which is why many people are unsure what it entails.

Web content differs from web copy in that web copy is generally meant to sell, whereas web content can be SEO or instructional. The phrase “content marketing” refers to the use of web material to advertise rather than sell your business. The goal of content marketing is not to sell items and services per se, but rather to “warm-up” consumers to a brand. So that, in the future, these warm leads would presumably buy services and products from your company.

Guide on eCommerce Copywriting to Get More Sales

The Pages on Your Website That Needs Effective Copy

Your website should be one of your company’s most successful sales tools. It’s your public face to the world, and it’s usually where potential customers discover your name for the first time. You want to make sure that your website portrays your organization in the best light possible. If done effectively, it may aid in the growth of your brand. The website’s text should be professional, and the design should appeal to visitors.

Home Page

eCommerce copywriting

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Your main door to sell your products is your Home Page. Therefore, you must make certain that it sends the proper message. Visitors immediately assess a website to see if it offers the solution they are looking for. According to studies, you’ll have approximately 8 seconds to persuade them before they press the exit/close button. So in order to captivate the visitor’s attention, write an exciting website copy that highlights your most persuasive features and eye-catching pictures. A brief summary of your products and services, together with a bulleted list, is effective.

Product Pages

The purpose of your products is defined in the product pages. It is already considered a good sign once visitors make their way to the product pages. This proves enough that they are interested in what you offer.  Therefore, these are the pages that need effective web copies so you can convince your visitors to purchase or subscribe to your services.

What is eCommerce copywriting?

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Don’t pack everything onto one page if you have more than one core product or service. Instead, give each product or service its own page, allowing for more targeted website text to advertise your various products.

Don’t worry about giving the visitor too much information. People looking for information on the internet are looking for it. They’re inquisitive. They’re hoping for answers from you. Give them all the information they need to decide if they’re a good fit for what you’ve got. You’ll sell more if you tell more people!

About Pages

The About Us page is your chance to respond to some key questions, such as:

  • Who is the owner of this website and company?
  • What is the history of your company?
  • To whom do you sell?
  • What, above all, distinguishes and distinguishes your company, product, or service?
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About pages speak a lot about your brand and your story is what convinces them to trust you even more. If you want to sell your products, you need to know how to sell your brand story first. This is why writing a copy for your about pages is just as important as writing one for your homepage.

Know Your Target Readers/Audience

One of the most important aspects of any marketing plan is determining the correct target audience. The reason for this is that identifying a target demographic helps you to concentrate your marketing efforts. If you can figure out how and where to advertise your company, it will be easier and more cost-effective.

You need to know who your target audience is before you can build your marketing approach. This business theory is akin to Sun Tzu’s phrase from The Art Of War: “Every fight is won before it is ever fought.” Choosing the correct target audience entails narrowing down your clients to a group of people that have similar requirements, attributes, and interests.

To figure out who your target audience is, you must first figure out who your target market is:

The cornerstone of any marketing effort is selecting the correct target demographic. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t market based on assumptions. Instead, do extensive research on your target market. This will help you get the most out of your investment (ROI). It also allows you to develop the appropriate material for the appropriate audience. You’ll be able to target your marketing message in the most cost-effective method once you’ve defined your ideal customers.

The Tone of Voice You Should Use

The tone of your voice has a significant influence on your audience. In fact, 65 percent of customers believe that a brand’s tone of voice aids in the development of an emotional bond with the firm. Consider it this way: your content is the “what,” while your tone of voice is the “how.” The tone of voice is the way you communicate with your reader.

You have complete control over how your brand or organization sounds like a content writer! Is it very demanding? Are you being too obnoxious? You have the power to alter everything! However, consistency must be maintained throughout all web pages, including other campaigns, or you may come off as confused.

Use Sensory Adjectives

Words that evoke the senses are referred to as sensory words. They assist you in writing in a way that engages your readers’ imaginations. This is a strong tool that is also quite easy to use. And once you recognize it, you’ll see that it’s always being used to ignite your imagination. Your work will ultimately become monotonous to read if you don’t employ sensory words. Your readers’ imaginations will not be piqued, thus there will be nothing to experience. Everything is just simple text. So, while producing content, employing onomatopoeic terms may truly make your essay come to life!

Focus on the Products’ Benefits

To convert the greatest amount of customers, detailed product descriptions are essential. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should be in the spotlight. More than anything else, the average customer wants to know how a product will alleviate pain spots. You can enhance buy conversion rates and get more people enthused about what you sell by focusing on advantages rather than exact specifications.

Apple’s website is an excellent illustration of how emphasizing the benefits takes precedence over everything else. Products are described using stunning images and animations, as well as straightforward headlines. The exact advantage is defined in a short sentence. If customers wish to learn more, they may click on the features and design considerations, as well as the technical specs, to learn more. So, like Apple, concentrate on the product’s advantages.

How to Even Improve Your Web Copy?

One of the titans of twentieth-century writing, Kurt Vonnegut, famously remarked that every syllable of a tale should either reveal something about a character or progress the plot. Whether you’re helping people acquire new talent or selling plumbing fittings, Vonnegut’s timeless wisdom applies whether you’re helping people learn a new skill or selling plumbing fixtures. Every piece of content on your website should assist your visitors in completing or learning a task.

Back it up With Images

The link between sight and yearning is visceral and basic, and it should not be overlooked. But here’s the thing: most of us who create material disregard it. Copywriters may overlook the impact of visuals in their efforts to entice a prospect with words. Or, at the very least, we may find ourselves employing them as timid supporting roles to our programs’ literary stars.

Images, on the other hand, are far too powerful to be confined to the background. And what about combining words and images? When you put the perfect ones together, you not only get momentum, but you also have the potential to create a movement. Finding a picture that accomplishes all of these is far from straightforward. Even with visual content technologies that make it simpler to create attractive pictures, it takes time, effort, and, in many cases, a lot of money.

However, the proper image — the image that expresses that huge concept – is well worth the investment. And we mean it in the most literal sense. It’s all about the dollars and cents. Conversions. These are the visuals that encourage people to take action. Alternatively, you can use background removers for eCommerce to help you clean out those images of unnecessary clutter.

eCommerce copywriting

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Increase Your Sales With Effective Copy

Machine learning has progressed significantly, but a robot will never be able to build a landing page as well as you can. To give your eCommerce copywriting a dose of conversion intelligence, combine your marketing knowledge with the copywriting tips mentioned above.

Keep in mind your target market and the things you’re selling on your website. This information may be used to test different landing page variations and evaluate how they affect your eCommerce metrics and customer statistics.

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