Is GrooveFunnels the best all-in-one service for building funnels?

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GrooveFunnels is a service that has been experiencing growing popularity for several months now. Understandable also considering the generous affiliate commissions offered by GrooveFunnels.

Seriously, what is it and is it worth buying this service or thinking about transferring your funnels to this platform?

First of all, GrooveFunnels is a service still in a beta phase and, at the moment, it allows the creation of a free account that allows you to use some of its features, for free and forever. This is a positive aspect.

In addition, GrooveFunnels currently offers the purchase of a lifetime license on the Platinum plan which, with a figure of around $ 1,400, allows access for life, without having to pay monthly fees, to 17 applications in the GroveFunnels suite.


Among which:

  • GroovePages
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveWebinars Live *
  • GrooveWebinars Automated *
  • GrooveStreaming Live *
  • GrooveSurvey *
  • GrooveQuiz *
  • GrooveBlog *
  • GrooveDesk *
  • GrooveCalendar *
  • GroovePipe CRM *
  • GrooveFunnel Mapping *
  • GrooveProof
  • GrooveAutomations GrooveSDK *

the asterisk indicates the apps that are not yet available at the moment, but which will be released shortly.

As you can guess from the names, the GrooveFunnels platform seems to contain everything you need to create and manage an entire online business. From the GroovePages page builder to the GrooveSell payment service to the GrooveKart e-commerce. From the email marketing automation platform GrooveMail and GrooveCRM to the management of calendars with GrooveCalendar and so on.

GrooveKart is the suite app that allows you to create an e-commerce site. It’s basically their answer to Shopify. In the image below here is an example of a shop …


… And this is the shop management interface.


There are also webinars and an app for live streaming (they compare it to StreamYard), as well as the possibility of managing a blog with GrooveBlog while remaining within a single platform

In short, on the GrooveFunnels card, it would win hands down the comparison with any other all-in-one platform in existence.

The lifetime offer of around $ 1400 for such a service package isn’t even exaggerated, considering the fees for other similar services.

  • Kartra’s Silver plan, which isn’t the most expensive, costs $ 1,788 / year
  • ClickFunnels Platinum plan costs over $ 3,000 / year
  • Kajabi’s Basic plan costs $ 1,428 / year

So, just one year of these other services costs you a lot more on average than GrooveFunnel’s lifetime offering.

But there is a “small” difference. If with Kajabi, Kartra, and ClickFunnels you are basically investing in a service that can help you right away in your online business. With GrooveFunnels, at the moment, you are making a bet .

A bet that in the future GrooveFunnels will allow you to do the things it promises.

By purchasing GrooveFunnels now, you are entering their beta testing phase. This means that you will be faced with a product that may have (and I assure you there are) several bugs, and features that are not yet complete. You also pay for services that currently only exist on the card.

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A further temporary obstacle is given by the impossibility of translating many aspects of the platform.

However, in some places, it is as if the chassis of a car resting on bricks is better than any Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg ever made.

For example, if GrooveMail is compared to ActiveCampaign and then when I go to create a form with GrooveMail, I don’t even have the possibility to change the text of the submit button and, to paste the form inside a page created with GroovePages, I have to copy and paste the HTML code. Understand that we are not there. At a minimum, I would expect greater integration between two apps from the same suite.

GrooveCalendar is compared to Calendly (actually better), but it is not yet available. GrooveWebinars, which is not yet available is described as the best webinar platform ever, and GrooveBlog (also not yet available) is a better blogging platform than WordPress.

Now, I wish GrooveFunnels actually accomplishes all of these things. However, it is difficult for me to believe that out of the blue it will be better than all the other services that, for years, have each specialized in their respective fields.


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