Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles. What are these principles?

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Relevance , control and results are the three core principles, which the Google Ads was built on.

  • Sales, consideration, and integrity
  • Growth, reach, and traffic
  • Influence, awareness, and promotion
  • Relevance, control, and results

The correct answer is: Relevance, control, and results

Read more: Sarah’s Autos sells multiple automobile brands, showcasing used, pre-owned, and new vehicles. The company’s advertising manager decides to configure a broad matching type for the keyword “automobile,” in order to reach a broader group of potential visitors. Which two user searches may generate the advertising manager’s ad?

Google promotions let you target applicable crowds to show advertisements, in contrast to the next notice mediums. You can even control your financial plan, timetable, and Geo-focusing on. Google promotions give you result-situated publicizing arrangements. Assuming you need to run promotions for mindfulness, you are proposed to utilize the Google Ads Display crusade, assuming you need to sell items, you can utilize a shopping effort. For producing drives, you can utilize a pursuit crusade.



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