Google Ads: how to measure conversions respecting user consent

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google ads conversion

We are living in the golden age of online shopping, so Google Ads is more aware than ever of the need for its users to measure conversions accurately.

At the same time, users are very jealous of their privacy and the new regulations are increasingly respecting their consent, which can limit the amount of data to which advertisers have access.

To solve this dilemma, Google Ads has launched a new solution that adapts the behavior of labels to the consent preferences of users: the consent mode.

google ads conversion
google ads conversion

The mode of consent is a new tool for Google Ads that lets advertisers learn more about conversions to time to ensure that Google tags that help them measure them reflect choices on users ‘ consent.

When consent mode is on, advertisers have access to a new tag setting called “ad_storage”, which controls cookie behavior for advertising purposes, including conversion measurement. If the user has not consented to the use of cookies for advertising purposes, the Google tags will not use cookies for this purpose.

For example, let’s imagine that a user visits your website and chooses whether or not to allow advertising cookies through a cookie banner. If you have the consent mode activated, Google tags will be able to determine whether or not that user has consented to cookies and act accordingly:

With consent mode, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360 campaigns will continue to provide conversion data while respecting user decisions about advertising cookies.

The consent model is also compatible with Google Analytics, which means that this tool will be able to understand and respect the user’s consent regarding advertising cookies. For example, Analytics will not read or write advertising cookies for users who do not consent, which means that some additional functions, such as remarketing, will be disabled for them.

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is available in beta for certain advertisers operating in Europe who are already using the global website tag or Tag Manager.

To get started using Google Ads consent mode, contact your Google account team.

To facilitate the process, Google has partnered with several consent management platforms, including Cookiebot, and several others.


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