Google Ads adds new smart bidding features

Google ads smart bidding features

Google launches new Smart Bidding features. With the update, Google wants to make it more intuitive for marketers to automate their ads and respond to changes in the market.

Google ads smart bidding features

Changes in key signals

Advertisers can now tap into key search campaign signals through Target ROAS and Maximize Conversion Value. “Currently you can only see signals for campaigns that use ‘Target’CPA The Cost per action (CPA) represents the cost of a specific action performed by a visitor.

The term is common within affiliate marketing, but also in other forms of online marketing. The action.. ‘ and ‘Maximize Conversions’, but that has now been expanded,” writes Neera Thavornvanit (Product Manager, Google Ads) in a help article.

Seasonal adjustments at the manager account level

Slim Bieden used to take seasonality into account. It is now also possible to inform Smart Bidding about expected changes in conversion rates for future events, such as a promotion or a product launch Product launches cause huge peaks in your marketing reach and in your sales.

A well-executed product launch creates a chain reaction in the market so that your entire constituency is on the.. . You could already make seasonal changes at the account level.

Now you can also make the changes in one go for all accounts that fall under a manager account.

Recommendations for maximum conversion

Google Ads will now bring “new opportunities to the fore on the recommendations page ”. These recommendations can be seen for suitable Search campaigns and can help you get more conversion value from your budget, Google claims.

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Performance Estimating Simulators

Smart Bidding simulators make it possible to estimate the performance of a campaign. “This tool was already available for strategies based on conversion A conversion stands for converting (converting) a visitor to someone who takes action.

Call optimizing your website to get more results (such as leads and sales) from your visitors. and clicks. Now Google is extending support to Search campaigns that use target impression share. You can use the simulation tool to get an idea of ​​how target impression share changes affect costs, impression share, and clicks.

What’s the point of all these new Google Ads features?

These enhanced features are part of Google’s incremental improvements to make Ads automation more intuitive and easy to use. The new features can be useful for advertisers in different industries. For example, the functions around seasonal promotions are very useful for retail companies.


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