Google Ads, 3 new ad formats focused on local shopping

Google ads local shopping

For several months now, Google Ads has been strengthening its strategy on the local acquisition and in-store shopping.

During the last Google Marketing Livestream, the giant unveiled three new ad formats in order to strengthen the achievement of these objectives. Three simple mechanisms focused on proximity, which promises great performance to advertisers who wish to play the card of instantaneous need to develop their clientele. Discovery.

Google ads local shopping

Google Ads, 3 new ads to strengthen your local presence

# 1. Auto-suggest ads, by location

The first in this series of local ads, the automatic suggestion ad format, served based on the user’s location. Its operation is quite simple: as soon as an Internet user is near an associated service/product in Google Maps, an ad automatically suggests the closest brand, capable of meeting his needs.

Imagine, you search for “windshield repair” in Google Maps, it automatically tells you where to find the nearest repairer to your location.

The ideal format to respond to the rising growth of requests including the expression “Close to”, which is gaining ground every day!

# 2. Navigation announcements, by route

Another angle of attack, the navigation announcements. Here, it is a question of serving these advertisements as soon as the user searches for a route through Google Maps. Designed to target the Internet user on the move, this format once again relies on proximity.

Concretely, let’s imagine that you go to the zoo. On the way, no more fuel! Thanks to the navigation announcements, the nearest gas station can then call you to let you know its presence on the road. The user can then indicate wishing to stop over there.

Note, Google has specified that this ad format is disseminated in a way ” concerned about road safety “. Clearly, we imagine that Google will not relay the ad for a station located on the other side of the highway!

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# 3. Similar Addresses ads, the replacement option

Also very clever, the Similar Addresses format aims to offer an alternative to the user when he is looking for a commercial address, closed at the time of his request. In substitution, Google Ads then offers, via Google Maps always, a similar company, stamped “Similar and open”.

On the practical side, let’s imagine this time that you were looking for the address of your usual florist, already closed at this time. Well, Google shows you the closest flower shop, and of course open, to meet your expectations.

These three new formats Local Ads will be available in the return in September, around the world.

A new pick-up option for in-store ads

To complement these announcements, Google also plans to launch a new option, oriented Shopping, in beta only in the United States for the moment. Objective: To extend the range of withdrawal options already available in order to respond to users’ enthusiasm for click and collect.

Thus, in-store product announcements will be supplemented by a “ Withdrawal later ” label. It will also be possible to specify availability via a mention “Retrait from Monday “, for example.

This label will be added to the withdrawal options already available, such as “Retrait Today ”, “ Withdrawal from the store ”. Faced with an 800% worldwide increase in “in stock” requests, this update promises real success for Google Shopping advertisers.

Reinforced by the pandemic, the local trend is firmly rooted in the minds of consumers, who want to quickly find where to buy, instantly and nearby, what they are looking for.


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