Ginger’s working on creating her first Google Search Ad. She wants to create an inviting and relevant ad, so potential customers will respond favorably. To earn user clicks, Ginger should focus on creating an ad that _____. (Choose two.) Select All Correct Responses

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To earn user clicks, Ginger should focus on creating an ad that has a relevant headline and includes a current promotion.

  • has a larger font size
  • is listed after search results
  • includes at least two different colors
  • has a relevant headline
  • includes a current promotion

The Correct Answers are: 1. has a relevant headline and 2. includes a current promotion

Feature what makes you interesting to successfully arrive at likely clients, your text promotions ought to be explicit, pertinent, appealing, and engaging.

Incorporate costs, advancements, and special features since individuals frequently use Google search to settle on a choice with regards to something. Give them what they need to choose. If you make some restricted memories markdown or stock an elite item, say as much.



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