Gina wants to be able to try out multiple combinations of headlines and descriptions in order to optimize her results. Her marketing department suggests that she use responsive search ads. What are two benefits Gina could derive from using responsive search ads? (Choose two.)Select All Correct Responses

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Greater Flexibility and More Relevance are the two benefits Gina could derive from using responsive search ads.

The correct answer is: Greater Flexibility and More Relevance

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Advantages of responsive hunt promotions:

Adaptability: Create adaptable promotions that adjust to gadget widths, giving you more space to impart your message to expected clients.

Significance: Save time by giving different features and depiction choices. Then, at that point, let Google Ads show the most significant blends to your clients.

On the off chance that Gina utilizes responsive hunt advertisements, she could infer Greater adaptability and More pertinence.



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