WordPress GDPR plugin: the best plugins

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GDPR plugin

GDPR plugin: The new regulation for the protection of personal data, known as GDPR, has introduced many changes compared to previous regulations.

We have already addressed the more legal aspect of the matter with our guide to the GDPR.

Today, however, I would like to recommend the best plugin for the GDPR, to adapt to the regulation in the simplest way possible.

GDPR plugin

The best plugins for the GDPR

The first plugin for the GDPR that I present to you is Cookie Notice for GDPR by the factory.

The plugin configuration page from the WordPress Dashboard will be found under Settings> Cookie Notice and is very simple to set up.

Customize the banner message and buttons.

You can choose whether to activate the button to refuse non-functional third-party cookies and you can give the user the possibility to revoke the consent given previously.

If you want, you can set automatic acceptance when scrolling the page.

Also, you decide how long the cookies should be kept. The banner has some customization settings and can be placed at the top or bottom of the page.

The plugin for the GDPRcalled GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee allows you to first show a banner with the “Accept” or “Reject” buttons.

The user, therefore, can continue to browse your site, without the cookies collecting his data.

You can also set automatic scroll acceptance.

Enter your message that you want to show in the banner, then add the shortcodes for the links or buttons you want to show.

The content of the button is also customizable.

In the Cookie List section, you can add and view your cookies.

To add one to the list, simply click Add new and enter the necessary data, such as ID, type, and duration of the cookie.

The list of cookies can then be shown via a simple shortcode which, for example, you can add to your Privacy Policy page.

The style of the banner is completely customizable, to make it as in line as possible with the style of your site.

This plugin for the GDPR also has a pro version that allows you to:

  • manage categories of cookies;
  • show a pop-up in which to accept or decline cookies;
  • block some cookies (such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixels);
  • scan your site for cookies;
  • excludes certain cookies based on the visitor’s location.

A single site license costs $ 49, including support and updates for one year.

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The third plugin for the GDPRI would like to tell you about is the iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR. Iubenda is an online tool that automatically generates Privacy and Cookie Policy, thanks to the support of an international team of lawyers.

Through iubenda, you can generate information for one or more websites, which you will manage from a single dashboard.

There is a free service, which allows you to create only a privacy policy for a single website and has very limited functions.

Therefore, it is better to move towards the Pro version at 19 € per year for a website.

Iubenda is a very useful tool, as it updates itself whenever regulatory changes are made.

It’s like having a lawyer to keep your site compliant with the law at all times.

It even allows you to generate terms and conditions for your website that are fully compliant with current laws.

With the Pro version of iubenda, you can create a privacy policy and a cookie policy, to which you can add custom text.

The appearance of the banner can be changed to your liking from your admin area.

The WordPress plugin allows you to insert the code generated by iubenda and apply some customizations, such as preventive blocking of scripts.


With these three plugins for the GDPR, I hope I have made your adaptation to law a little easier for you.


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