Galaxy Watch 5 appears in the Samsung app ahead of time.

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Galaxy Watch 5

Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung usually announces its next watches in the near future. Despite the lack of new models, the Galaxy Watch 5 was added to a list of devices in the Samsung Health Beta on Thursday (2). According to reports, the brand should rename the successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

The information was made public by 9to5Google. The traces were discovered in the app’s version, which was distributed yesterday to participants in the testing programme. The major difference is in the list of accessories that may be utilised with the app.

In addition to current versions, like as the Galaxy Watch 3, the list includes unreleased variants. This is true of the Galaxy Watch 5, which is expected to successor the Galaxy Watch 4. The list also includes the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which may replace the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in 2022, but under a different moniker.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a “Pro” model has been considered rather than a “Classic.” However, just because the programme includes the product’s name does not indicate that the information is correct. In other words, until the Galaxy Watch 4 is released, Samsung may make adjustments to its successors.

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What can we anticipate from the Galaxy Watch 5’s successor?

Samsung is anticipated to unveil its next-generation wristwatch shortly. The Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be launched with Wear OS, Google’s wearable operating system that is already included in the current version. In addition, the pair has the opportunity to win a new version of the One UI Watch interface.

There aren’t many watch rumours these days. However, there has been much discussion over the loss of the swivel crown, which was only available on the more costly version of last year’s model. The other characteristics are similarly unknown.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is likely to be unveiled shortly, potentially in the second part of the year. In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 4 will be unveiled in August 2021.

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