Fuller eyebrows: The right gestures to have fuller eyebrows

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Fuller eyebrows

Fuller eyebrows: If we love to manage our brows on a regular basis, we never find them bushy enough, combed enough, or sparse enough… There are a few things you should know if you want bushy brows.

But why do some individuals have very thin brows? This may be inherited or caused by the use of products that are too harsh for the skin. Age also plays a role; as we grow older, our brows tend to thin down, as do stress or hormonal concerns. There’s also the exaggerated plucking of our brows. The 1990s and 2000s have come and gone, and with them, the trend for ultra-thin brows. Today is the reign of Cara Delevingne’s thick brow, and we’d want to be able to compete a bit. But don’t worry, nothing is ever lost! There are products that allow us to fill up our brows and therefore sharpen our glance.


Fuller eyebrows: So, what things should you use to try to get brows worthy of the name? Joey Healy, an expert in this sector, shared his brow-care secrets to the “Coveteur” website. The eye master reveals that he has created a serum called “Brow Renovation Serum,” which nourishes and promotes hair growth: “It’s full of peptides and amino acids,” he says. Peptides are the vital and optimal component for properly re-growing your brows. “They develop proteins, which are actually the building blocks of hair,” claims Joey Healy, which is more natural than using hormones.

The person who founded his brow brand also provides a suggestion that we would not have thought of: invest in silk pillows. They assist to decrease friction between the brows at night. Acupuncture, according to the expert, may be an excellent treatment for hair and brow development.

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Fuller eyebrows: The right things to do

Fuller eyebrows: At the same time, there are certain nice gestures that should be made as soon as possible. This also applies to hair removal. Joey Healy strongly advises using tweezers. Wax strips are appropriate for the rest of the body but not for the face. Unlike wax, which is more random, tweezers enable you to precisely regulate the amount of hairs to be removed and notably which ones. “Also avoid treatments like laser hair removal on the face, or anything like electrolysis,” says the brow expert, referring to current popular techniques such as permanent hair removal. When your brows get thinner, you must protect them like a watchdog.”

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