Free WordPress themes: everything you need to know

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Free WordPress themes

Do you know what to download a Free WordPress theme can it involve risks?

Although the idea of ​​having so many free WordPress templates available might appeal to anyone, not everyone is aware of the implications of using free WordPress themes.

Of course, having the ability to create a website or create a blog by choosing a free theme instead of a Premium is tempting to anyone.

But you have to be careful what you choose, because as we said in another article called ” How to choose a theme for WordPress “, saving is not always again, quite the contrary.

Free WordPress themes

Free WordPress themes: why we advise against using them?

In this article, I want to explain to you what are the risks and limitations of using Free WordPress themes, so that you can make your choice with more awareness in the future.

Risks of Using Free WordPress themes

Most of the Free WordPress themes contain an encrypted code called Base64 which could hide malicious Malware, iFrame, and Javascript codes, used by hackers to carry out suspicious activity through your site and server.

It’s not always easy to spot them, but WPMU lists some of them on its site in English.

Some free themes or plugins may also contain viruses that are potentially harmful to your data files, so be very careful.

Or, they could carry hidden and unwanted banner ads.

Many premium themes can be illegally downloaded.

Choosing this path is unwise and may involve risks.

You could, in fact, be legally prosecuted by the developer of that pirated theme.

There is also a risk that these themes may not be compatible with all browsers and as a result, you may miss the opportunity to increase your traffic.

If you need to download Free WordPress themes, make sure you do this through reputable sites.

You can, for example, download directly from the catalog instead of using an unknown site.

The themes featured on go through a rigorous review process, which includes factors such as code quality, security, and privacy.

Limitations of free WordPress themes

Paid WordPress themes offer constant and free support and sadly, the same is not guaranteed for free themes.

The developers of free themes often offer support only through forums but are not obliged to answer user questions.

A similar argument also applies to the available documentation.

While many paid themes offer a high amount of documentation, video tutorials, and demo sites to install, the same often cannot be said of the free ones.

This leads to difficulties if you face a technical problem or try to change something in the theme itself.

You may save on the (often low) cost of a theme, and then have to hire a developer to try to solve the problems you encounter.

This would nullify the savings obtained by choosing a cost-free theme.

If you find yourself in this situation, remember that you can search the guides available on SOS WP for any comments and solutions.

You can also contact our WordPress support for help with WordPress themes and plugins.

The WordPress Support page of SOS WP

Also, if the former is equipped with valid HTML and CSS, the same cannot be said of almost all free themes.

It goes without saying that clean codes allow better indexing on search engines, so I advise you not to neglect these parameters.

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Free themes are rarely updated

90% of free themes for WordPress cannot be updated or allow you to add new features.

If you are lucky enough to find an uncorrupted free theme, also know that other users will probably be using the same theme: in this way, your site will lose its uniqueness, and you know how important this aspect is to be successful.

THE free WordPress themes tend to have a more minimalist design and offer fewer features than their paid counterparts.

If this, perhaps, makes them easier to use for beginners, at the same time it can force you to use many plugins.

Some of these tools can slow down the speed of your site, negatively impacting user experience and SEO.

You can use a tool like Query Monitor to evaluate the impact of various site components on your website performance.

Finally, in free themes, authors put a link in the footer that cannot be removed.

Be careful, the link could connect you to low-reputation sites that could lower your ranking on Google.

Do you want to search now for a suitable theme for your website? Read my guide on the best WordPress themes and let me guide you in choosing.


Well yes, before choosing one among the many free themes for WordPress you have to take into account all the aspects I talked about in this article.

My advice is to always choose a Premium theme to be on the safe side, even if you are at the beginning of your online adventure.

Starting well, in fact, will ensure you grow without setbacks, being able to count on updates and support at any time.


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