free Favicon generator

12 Free favicon generators you should know

You have just created a blog or a website and you are particularly proud of it! Yet a tiny yet essential element is missing: the favicon.

How do you generate this little symbol that makes all the difference for your brand? This icon should appear in front of the URL or tab of your web page.

Here are 12 generators that will allow you to easily create a favicon for your website.

free Favicon generator
free Favicon generator

What is a favicon?

The favicon is an icon that appears in front of the URL or tab of your website. It is tiny but very important to your brand. Favicons are also found in the favorites bars and the address bar of browsers.

They allow you to recognize a brand at first glance. Here are the different sizes of favicons: 16 × 16, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, 64 × 64, 128 × 128 pixels. You can find them in * .ICO, * .PNG or * .GIF formats.

Here is a list of the most effective generators for creating professional favicons quickly and easily.

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1. Favicon

If you are creative, use Faviconer to generate and create an online favicon for free. You can import images in many different formats. It is also possible to create an animated favicon.

2. Favicon generator

This free generator is very easy to use since it suffices to upload your image to the site from JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats. Favicon generator can convert to. ICO automatically. Then you just have to download the favicon file in the root folder of your website.

3. Xiconeditor

This generator is particularly recommended if you want to make a fully personalized favicon. Xiconeditor provides you with tools to create the favicon from scratches such as a brush, a text editor, or an eraser. It is a very good tool to create a unique favicon for free.

This generator also allows you to import your file, crop it and preview it before downloading it to integrate it into your site.

4. Favicon. cc

This generator also allows the most creative people to create a favicon for free that you can also animate. The site takes into account the image formats JPEG, PNG, ICO, JPG, BMP, GIF, and CUR.


A more complicated name for a more powerful favicon generator since it allows you to create a favicon on any available platform and test it directly on your site.

To test, just type in the name of your site and click on the “Check Favicon” button.

6. Dynamic Drive

This generator is part of the tools of Dynamic Drive and allows you to generate favicon icons for free and easily. It supports images in JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats. It also allows you to create 32 × 32 and 48 × 48 pixel desktop icons.

free Favicon generator
free Favicon generator

7. Favicomatic

Favicomatic offers two options:

  • Download an image to convert it to. ICO
  • Create a favicon under all available platforms including IOS and Android apps.

You can customize the size and background color in the advanced settings of the generator.

8. Genfavicon

Create a favicon in three steps and choose your icon size during creation. You just have to download the file in the desired format and then select the size of your favicon.

Remember to preview the icon by clicking on the “capture and view” button.

9. Favikon

This generator simply allows you to convert your image into a favicon by cropping and uploading your image. ICO format. Simple and efficient!

10. Favicon. pro

This favicon generator supports the usual formats to transform them into an icon, it is quick and easy to use.

Favicon. pro even includes a step-by-step guide to creating your favicon and then uploading it to your site!

11. Antifavicon

This tool generates an icon based on the text you give it, it does not use an image. You can customize the text and background colors in the text boxes.


It is the perfect generator to add a personal touch to your favicon. To use it, all you need to do is indicate the name of your company and the type of activity in order to receive a selection of logo templates.

You can then customize the logo you have chosen.

Choose and use one of these favicon generators to give your brand a professional image and instill confidence in your website visitors.


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