4 free alternatives to HootSuite to manage your social networks

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free alternatives to HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social media management solution renowned for its efficiency, So here are the free alternatives to HootSuite

It makes it possible to set up the most efficient social media strategy. You can use it to plan your posts on the most important social networks.

Despite its undeniable qualities, Hootsuite has some significant limitations such as the complexity of its user interface, the lack of a collaborative tool synchronized in real-time, or its high cost, So lets not wait, Find out the free alternatives to HootSuite

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a unique system that allows business leaders to manage their entire social media presence in one place. The company offers different products, solutions and services with this single function.

Hootsuite is the premier social media dashboard that lets you manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign’s results. Schedule message publication

What are the Benefits of Hootsuite?

Here is the list of the main advantages of HootSuite: –

  1. Management of social networks.
  2. Social media monitoring.
  3. Social media analysis.
  4. Boolean keyword searches
  5. Noise / spam filtering
  6. Sentiment analysis
  7. Wide channel coverage
  8. Instagram
  9. Pinterest

Other benefits: Commitment: plan and manage your social outreach. Interact with people from all your accounts on one dashboard. Listen: Listen to your audience and learn how to create content they love. Analytics: Get all the data about your social media reach and visualize it all in easy-to-read reports. Collaboration: Assign messages, create workflows, and streamline communications with collaborators and customers. Security: Make sure your social media resources are safe and locked.

What are the limitations of Hootsuite?

# 1 The user experience is not there

For starters, Hootsuite is not an intuitive social media management solution. As soon as the dashboard is opened, the user is confronted with the display of too much information and options.

Add to this that there is no inbox where all your messages would be centralized, you will have to look for your private messages on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks one by one, and start over to read your comments on publications, those of your advertisements, etc …

# 2 a lack of posting options

When you use a social network management tool, it is mainly to plan your publications in advance. It is obviously possible to do this with Hootsuite. But there are a few options missing here.

Indeed, we cannot plan a rehearsal to publish a post at several different times.

However, reposting a post on several different times and days can maximize its chances of being seen. If you want to do this, you will have to create the post several times, as if it were a new post, and schedule it several times.

You will therefore waste time repeating the same operations.

It also lacks a unified calendar that some other tools offer. This allows you to view your posted and scheduled publications on a single calendar.

It is also impossible to see on Hootsuite the posts that you have made directly from social networks.

# 3 Lack of instant collaboration

Although there are paid plans for working as a team, the synchronization is not done in real-time.

You risk wasting unnecessary time in duplicating certain comments and possibly removing the duplicates.

# 4 Technical support that is not very accessible

Only Enterprise accounts have permanent access to Hootsuite support. If you have a lower plan, you will have to be patient and look for the information you need on your own in the FAQ pages made available to you.

# 5 No automatic moderation

When posting to social media, you might want to avoid unwanted comments, such as from users promoting pages unrelated to your post.

Some social media management solutions allow you to filter out these kinds of comments, but Hootsuite doesn’t.

# 6 A high cost

If you need to use Hootsuite as a team, the price of multi-users is not negligible (“Team” offer at 109 € / month for only 3 users).

Likewise, to benefit from advanced options such as powerful analysis reports, you will also have to subscribe to the “Team” offer. Some missing functions such as automatic moderation can be compensated for by additional tools, with an additional cost to bear.

Hootsuite Price

The price of Hootsuite is 19 € per month and per user but this price is likely to change because different options are offered by the publisher of this SaaS software in order to meet the needs of its users: number of licenses, additional functions, add-ons…

Here are the different prices of Hootsuite (pricing / packages): –

  • Free trial: 0 € (limited in time / in features)
  • Standard: 19 € / month / user
  • Pro: 99 € / month / user
  • Business: € 599 / month / user
  • Premium: –

Most IT publishers offer either a free trial version, free alternatives to hootsuite with all the features activated, but which will then be limited in time (on average 15 to 30 days), or a restricted freemium version (some features are inactive) to encourage you to buy it.

The professional software publisher often offers promo codes as well as discounts on pricing depending on the number of licenses purchased. Annual subscriptions also save money compared to monthly subscriptions as they are generally 10% to 30% cheaper.

Free alternatives to Hootsuite:

Discover 3 examples of free alternatives. These allow you to get off to a good start with your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn , or even Twitter communication without spending a single Dollar.


Buffer offers a powerful social media management solution. It is used by many businesses of all sizes, as well as by social media agencies. It generates good levels of engagement and conversion on social networks.

buffer free alternatives to HootSuite

With this solution, you avoid duplicates since you have instant access to all the posts and comments left by your colleagues.

Buffer’s calendar allows you to see at a glance all your posts already posted and those planned on the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, Linked In, and Pinterest).

Buffer is available on a particularly intuitive interface that does not require prior training to start using it. A free version allows small businesses to use Buffer individually on 3 different social networks for free.

The solution is then offered according to 3 offers starting at € 15 / month, accounts on social networks, and the features required for your activity, the best free alternatives to HootSuite

Benefits of buffer:


Later is a comprehensive tool for creating, planning and publishing your posts of all kinds on social media. You can also use it to edit your photos and videos before sharing it.

alternatives to HootSuite

Later allows you to analyze the views and reactions of your audience on each post over a period of 3 months after their publication.

Enough to determine with precision which posts are most appealing to your community, and adapt your strategy on each social network.

Later is available as a free version to schedule up to 30 posts simultaneously with essential features. Later to be used as a multi-user version and benefit from advanced features, By far this is best free alternatives to HootSuite

What are the Benefits of Later?


Agorapulse is a social network management solution that allows you to create and manage unifying publications in order to build a loyal community.

free alternatives to HootSuite

With this tool, it is possible to respond very easily to all private messages and all comments from your subscribers from an interface that centralizes all your exchanges.

Agorapulse meets the requirements of all communication strategies on social networks from small businesses to mid-sized companies and social media agencies.

Paid versions are also available to have access to the most advanced features and to use it as a team, this can be your free alternatives to HootSuite

What are the Benefits of Agroapulse?

  • Easy to use platform
  • Available on mobile application
  • Analyzes that determine which posts are the most successful


With Stacker, you manage your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This allows you to post on multiple platforms at the same time and thus schedule specific posts. In addition, Stacker allows direct communication with other users who write to or mention you directly through social networks.

alternatives to HootSuite

For individual users, Stacker offers a free version, in which you can link up to 4 accounts.

The “ Amazing ” plan allows you to have one to 12 accounts and costs around 10 euros per month. In the “ Team ” model , you can take up to 5 employees for around 50 euros per month and link up to 25 accounts.

“ Studio ” costs around 100 euros per month for 10 employees and 50 accounts.

The “ Agency ” variant (around 250 euros per month) contains up to 25 employees and 150 accounts. The more you pay, the longer the reporting period increases.

For individual users and teams of up to 5 members, Stacker is a relatively free alternatives to Hootsuite


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