Flights from Paris to New York: Which airline provides the most value for money?

By Nema

Flights from Paris to New York: This route will be served by nine airlines beginning in June, making it one of the busiest in the world. Here are some pointers to help you book your ticket.

Is Paris-New York the world’s most popular flight route? Everything points to it being true. In June, nine firms will service this route, with no less than 5,000 seats available daily across all categories (economy, Premium, business and first). However, the offer differs widely among the rivals, which include Air France, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Corsair International, La Compagnie, French Bee, Norwegian, and Level.

It is unsurprising to see Air France in a commanding position on the Paris-New York route. First in the upper categories: the national airline is the only one that offers 22 seats every day in first class. With 49 percent of the seats in business class, it maintains a solid position. In this market, it primarily competes with La Compagnie, which provides extremely competitive pricing with its all-business Airbus A321neo. Air France also has a 50 percent share of the Premium Economy seats.

However, the competition is strongest in the economy class market. If, once again, Air France has the most seats (35 percent), it must compete with low-cost carriers such as Norwegian, Level (an offshoot of Iberia), and French Bee, the low-cost subsidiary of Air Carabes. Not to mention the hybrid firm Corsair International, whose goal is to provide both low-cost and high-quality service.

Do not rely on the call price

Flights from Paris to New York: The cabins on board are more or less dense, which affects passenger comfort. In the economy class, no firm truly shines out. Thus, the rows on Norwegian’s Dreamliner are made up of 9 seats (3 on the window side and 3 in the centre). United Airlines has 9 seats on the same aircraft. French Bee uses the similar concept, with 10 seats each row on its A 350 against 9 on Air France’s. For its part, the Level firm seems to provide more comfort since their A330 has just eight seats per row as opposed to Corsair’s nine. A few millimetres may make a big difference for certain people on a lengthy flight.

Before purchasing a ticket, our advise is always the same: do not depend on the call price. To compare rates, you must proceed all the way to the conclusion of the procedure and account for the luggage, the seat, the meal, the service charges, and ultimately the bank charges. Low-cost airlines understand the importance of catering. As a result, the majority of them charge (expensively) for all of these services throughout the trip. Finally, it is not unusual for the conventional businesses, which include the seat, baggage, food, and drink in their pricing, and the low cost companies, where all of these services must be added, to charge the same amount for the ticket. A low-cost carrier stands out from the crowd: On all of its Boeing Dreamliner 787-900s, Norwegian provides complimentary Wi-Fi on board (both Economy and Premium).

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At the arrival

Flights from Paris to New York: Finally, the airport of arrival will be a deciding element between these firms. Flights from Air France, Delta, American, Corsair, and Norwegian arrive at John F. Kennedy International Airport, while United, La Compagnie, French Bee, and Level arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport. In terms of public transportation, these two airports are comparable. JFK is serviced by the subway and afterwards by a tiny automated train, whereas Newark is served by a train from Penn Station on 34th Street and then by Airtrain. JFK, on the other hand, is more inviting in terms of living room. American Airlines’ is excellent, as is Air France’s, which was recently remodelled. In Newark, however, except from United’s huge Solaris lounge, the “Art and Lounge,” which is “multi-company,” is hardly worth the journey. He also has the flaw of being there before the security check. In terms of passports, JFK is more prepared in terms of automated controls than Newark, where the wait may be quite lengthy.

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