Farewell speech for colleague

By John
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Farewell Speech for Colleague
As well all know, we have all gathered here to bid adieu to our very wonderful colleague. It is a sad day indeed to say goodbye to a person who filled this place with joy through their presence. As you begin your new journey, I would like to take this opportunity to express the company’s deep appreciation for your hard work. It has been an honour to work with you as the times spent with you has been indeed cherishable. Read farewell speech for colleague here.

Qualities of a Colleague
Even though you have worked with us for so long, you have never let the organization down in any way. Your professional behaviour and hard work will definitely serve as an inspiration to all your fellow colleagues.

Thanks to your brilliant mind, we were never short of creativity and I hope you never lose your knack for innovative ideas. Most importantly, you have taught us what it is to be a team player and how to put the company’s interest above all.

In addition to being a fantastic colleague, you have always been a great friend to many present here. The way you always took the time out to greet everyone and listen to their problems will just make it harder for us to work without you.

It would be fair to say that your energy and fun-loving attitude transformed our Monday mornings into lively ones. You have truly made a great difference in the workplace through your matchless contribution.

I would like to especially mention the way you have exceeded your goals tasked by the administration. In addition to your professionalism, your personality traits are also something everyone wishes to surely possess. A productive, honest, reliable and talented human being is the best which describes our very dear colleague.

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Contributions of Colleague
The way you have contributed to this organization cannot be put into words. We will certainly miss how you always got the job done perfectly without any kind of delay or excuses. Undeniably, you are a mentor and inspiration to a lot of us in this workplace.

I take a look around in the hope of finding and wondering who will be able to fill the void that you will create by leaving us today. The way you have always managed to remain level-headed in stressful situations is something I definitely aspire to have.

An achiever and hard-worker like you can only manage to deliver the results which are in front of all to see. In fact, the way you have generously trained others day in and day out just shows in the level of brilliance they exhibit now.

You are a major reason why we can get on with the job without stress as we have learned from the very best. There is no doubt in the fact that together with everyone, you surpassed the company’s expectations through your committed support and resourceful mind.

Although it makes us sad to see you leave, the cherishable moments and memories of working with you will always remain with each and every one of us. With a heavy and grateful heart, I wish you good luck with your new position. May you find your new workplace pleasant and reach greater heights. I can say for certain that whatever the future holds, you will excel in it undoubtedly.