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Facebook Custom Audience are a great tool for creating remarketing Facebook campaigns. Let’s see what they are and how to create this type of target audience.

The precise and correct definition of the target audience is the basis for the success of a Facebook Advertising campaign. If you think about it it is a pretty simple concept, because in simple terms we are saying that to sell a product or a service you need to know precisely who you are proposing it too.

Try knocking out dentists in your area to sell lawnmowers. You will certainly sell someone, but you may find yourself better off proposing turbines for dentists. However, the concept is clear: the more precise the selection of the target audience, the more chances of success the sale will have. Obviously not of the other variables involved.

facebook custom audience

The target audience in online marketing

With the advent of online marketing, the possibilities of targeting have multiplied year after year and one of the best contributions in this sense was provided by the Facebook advertising platform. Thanks to the incredible volume of active users and above all thanks to the proliferation of tracking pixels, the creature has managed to collect an impressive amount of data.

Defining the target audience by defining interests or behaviors has been a practice in use for years and draws directly from the source of the data collected by Facebook. It is functional, but as much as you may have refined the technique and sensitivity for defining your target audiences, interests and behaviors are not among the most accurate targeting methods..

Not only that: using this method for the definition of your audiences you will not be able to choose, among the many you will select, the hot users, or those who have already come into contact with one of your assets (website, social profiles, mailing list, etc. …).

These latter users generally guarantee a much higher return on investment than those who don’t know you. It is therefore of vital importance to be able to intercept them and this is precisely what custom audiences are for.

What is a Custom Audience?

A Custom Audience is an audience made up of Facebook users who have already voluntarily entered into contact with your brand through one or more assets of your business. These assets, as we will see shortly, can be online or offline. Custom Audience (or Personalized Audience in the Italian translation) is a very powerful tool and particularly suitable for remarketing activities .

How to create a Custom Audience?

To start the process of creating a new Custom Audience you need to access the Ads Manager for the Facebook account which will then create the related Facebook ADS campaigns and, after selecting the Tools menu at the top left, click on Audience. From the screen that opens, select Create Audience, then Custom Audience. At this point, we must specify the source that Facebook will have to use for the creation of the new Custom Audience. We have several possibilities:

Customer files

Use this type of custom audience when you have a list of email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, or advertiser IDs. Your goal is to create a well-targeted audience, so the information you feed to Facebook’s algorithms will need to be as targeted as possible concerning your purpose.

This method for creating Custom Audience is particularly useful for long-time entrepreneurs who may have turned their business online and want to find their customers on Facebook. But it is also essential for those who have a large newsletter and want to create a Facebook audience starting from the e-mail addresses of people who have already clearly expressed interest in company products or services in the past.

Once you have selected a list of customers you will have to choose how to communicate the data to Facebook from which the custom audience will then be built. You can upload a file, paste a list of items into an online textbox or even import them directly from MailChimp, one of the most popular tools for managing mailing lists and newsletters. Once the source has been selected, Facebook will give you an estimate of the time required to complete the task.

Website visits

To use this type of source, you must have correctly installed the Facebook tracking pixel. Here you find a thorough installation guide regarding WordPress.

You can decide to collect all the visitors or save within the Custom Audience only those who visit specific pages; an option, the latter, is particularly effective for further targeting the resulting custom audience texture.

The possible criteria by which to refine the composition of the custom audience are:

  • anyone who visits your website
  • people who visit specific web pages
  • people who visit specific web pages but not others
  • people who have not visited for a certain period of time
  • based on the events generated on the website

For each of these options, we have to decide the time frame within which we want to extend the search. Here the choice depends a lot on specific criteria for each marketing campaign. Know that the default number is 30 but if your website is not developing a lot of traffic yet, you can safely go up to 180 days.

After you name the new audience, you can kick off the works. Also, in this case, Facebook will communicate an estimate of the time needed and a notification will inform you when the work will be completed.

Activity in the app

In this case, you can create an audience made up of people who have performed a specific action in your application or game. The platforms supported at the moment are iOS, Android and Canvas, or Facebook applications. Once you’ve accepted the terms of use, you’ll need to choose the name of the new custom audience, give it a short description, and choose the app to track. For each app you will need to have defined specific events to track and then you can decide to add users to the custom audience according to the following criteria:

  • all the people who have opened the app
  • most active users
  • users by the purchase amount
  • users by segment
  • based on events generated within the app

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Offline activity

Before you can create such a custom audience, you must have defined an Offline Action Set. Once created, you can involve in your campaigns all users who have converted offline according to the following criteria:

  • anyone who has generated any offline conversion
  • whoever has generated a certain conversion event

Also in this case you can choose the time window of inclusion.


This section is a macro-category that, at least at the time of writing, Facebook has used as a storage room to group the remaining possibilities a bit in bulk. From here we can in fact create customized audiences based on interactions with:

  • videos published on the fan page or in advertising campaigns
  • contact acquisition forms the canvases (i.e. with full-screen Experiences)
  • the Facebook fanpage
  • the Instagram business profile
  • events created on the fanpage

As always, for each of these possible criteria, you will have a selector available for the time window of interest.


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