European cloud service company: Top 10 Cloud Providers

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European cloud service company

We recently published research on the biggest European cloud service company (CSPs) to assess the industry’s price-performance value. Our Top 10 European Cloud Providers reports include the results.

We selected the top 10 European cloud service providers using a transparent approach to offer enterprises with an impartial picture of the industry. The paper examines the performance of four distinct VM sizes for each of the top ten European cloud service providers, as well as the CPU, memory, and block storage performance and stability outcomes.

The findings revealed a 2.4x gap in VM performance (CPU and RAM) and a 12.6x difference in block storage performance between the best and tenth ranked IaaS service providers studied in the research. This gap underscores the crucial requirement for cloud users to do performance testing on both providers and existing internal infrastructure prior to picking a CSP. Failure to complete this analysis increases the risk of overpaying or application performance concerns.

The Top 10 European cloud service company study for comprised the following ten IaaS providers:

  1. 1&1
  2. Amazon Web Services
  3. CenturyLink
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. Dimension Data
  6. Google Compute Engine
  7. IBM SoftLayer
  8. Microsoft Azure
  9. OVH
  10. Rackspace

The Top 10 European Cloud Service Providers : Key Findings

1. In terms of performance, virtual machines (VMs) varied by 2.4x between CSPs. The difference in IOPS for block storage varied by 12.6x between CSPs.

  • With a performance index score of 97 and 3 percent variability, 1&1’s VMs displayed the finest mix of high median performance and high stability.
  • During the 24-hour testing period, AWS and Google Compute Engine had the least fluctuation in vCPU and memory performance.
  • Dimension Data had the greatest median performance with a score of 99, but it also had a high variability of 13%.

2. When comparing price-performance value, IaaS providers showed a difference of up to 5.6x.

  • In the rating, OVH received the highest CloudSpecsTM Score, signifying the greatest price-performance value in the research. This is due to the study’s findings of good VM performance and the most affordable bundled price for the majority of VM sizes.
  • Due to a mix of reasonable performance and cheap monthly price, other CSPs such as 1&1, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine, and DigitalOcean rank in the top half of the Top 10 CSPs.
  • OVH received the highest CloudSpecsTM score for the price-performance of vCPU and RAM.
  • Rackspace achieved the highest CloudSpecsTM Score for block storage price-performance.

The graph below depicts the wide variances in block storage performance using percentile ratings obtained from all 1,194,690 data points gathered. The data has been included into percentile graphs, which are intended to demonstrate the extreme performance variance obtained during testing over time.

The Top 10 European Cloud Service Providers’ Performance

In the public cloud IaaS marketplace for performance, a lack of openness often leads to disinformation or misleading assumptions.

Users may be encouraged to see cloud computing as a commodity, distinguished mostly by services. The truth of cloud computing performance is that it affects consumers differently from one CSP to the next, affecting anything from physical hardware (e.g., Intel or AMD, SSD or spinning disc) to the cost of virtualized resources. Users may optimise their value in the cloud by defining environments based on performance rather than resource count.

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