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Enfold WordPress theme is one of the most popular premium WordPress templates and, without a doubt, one of my favorites. After testing it several times, I liked it so much that I decided to also use it to give a new look to SOS WP.

The main features of the Enfold theme are:

  • intuitive administration area with lots of customization options;
  • availability of demo sites that you can import with a click and create your site very quickly;
  • responsive layout; fast and efficient support service; a great drag & drop editor;
  • beautiful sliders with 2D, 3D, parallax options and with many customization possibilities;
  • sidebar manager; a tool to generate shortcodes;
  • is optimized for SEO.

Enfold Theme

What users particularly like, judging by the great reviews you can find on the theme page, is its flexibility and quality of design.

Someone found customization a bit complex.

In fact, the options are many and if you are not familiar with WordPress themes you can find yourself a bit lost.

In reality, it’s not that complicated once you start getting your bearings and, if you have any doubts, you can turn to the support service, which always responds within 24-48 hours.

Furthermore, by reading this guide, you will be able to better understand how the Enfold WordPress theme and how you can use Avia Layout Builder to create your pages.

We just have to start.

Enfold: What kind of theme is it?

Enfold is a multi-use WordPress theme. It can therefore be used to create different types of sites.

In fact, it is compatible with many plugins, including those for

  • implement multilingual functionality (WPML),
  • create eCommerce sites (WooCommerce),
  • social networks and forums (BuddyPress and bbPress),
  • and others.

Enfold looks very professional.

As you can see from the demo, the theme is dynamic, it can be enriched with many effects and undoubtedly lends itself well to the creation of corporate sites, eCommerce, or web portals.

Enfold is highly customizable: from the colors to the position of the elements on the pages (more on this later), this template will undoubtedly not limit your creativity.

To date, the Enfold theme has over 225,000 sales and received a user rating of 4.8 out of 5.

As you can see, we are very close to perfection!

Let’s see now how Enfold works.

How to install Enfold

When you purchase on Themeforest the license for the use of Enfold, you can download a .zip folder, in turn, contains more folders and files.

Try opening the .zip folder on your PC.

If you see two other folders inside it (one called enfold and one called _MACOSX ), you have the right file in hand.

Simply upload the entire .zip folder to the ” Add Themes ” section of your WordPress site.

Once the upload is complete, Enfold will be ready to be activated.

Let’s see in the next section how to configure it.

I recommend that you also install the child theme of Enfold as soon as possible, so you can customize your theme with complete peace of mind and without the risk of losing your changes with the next update.

Navigate to the Enfold documentation page. You will find the entry Child Theme and inside there is a button to download the zip folder directly.

Everything is ready, all you have to do is install it on your site.

Enfold WordPress Theme: Configuration

After you activate the Enfold theme, you will see a new entry in the navigation menu of your WordPress Dashboard, called just Enfold.

This is where you will set up your theme!

Let’s see the various sections one by one:

If you don’t want to expand one section at a time, you can click “ Show all options ” under the heading “ Enfold Theme Options ” to view all options on a single page.

Plugins included in the Enfold theme

When you activate the Enfold theme you will notice that the “ Layerslider WP ” item also appears in the menu of your Board. In fact, this premium plugin is included in the theme.

Layerslider WP is a great plugin for creating sliders with dynamic effects.

For some inspiration, I recommend you visit the plugin demo page.

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Avia Layout Builder WordPress: How to use Enfold

Like other premium themes, including Avada, Enfold has integrated an advanced tool for customizing pages and articles.

In this case, the tool is Avia Layout Builder.

When you are about to create a page or an article, to switch from the standard editor to the Avia editor, click on Advanced layout editor .

Enfold Theme

You will see that there are three tabs:

1. Layout elements

Enfold ThemeHere you can choose the layout of your page by dragging columns of various widths onto the page. By clicking on “ Color Section ” you can also add colored sections.

2. Elements of Content

Enfold Theme

After you’ve added layout elements, add content elements to them.

That is blocks of text, contact forms, testimonials, accordions, etc.

The number of available elements is very large.

Also for this theme, I suggest you do some tests and preview them on the theme demo .

3. Media Elements

Enfold Theme


In the third and last tab, you find the media elements.

To add an image, video, or slider to your pages, simply drag the relevant elements into the workspace.

Finally, when you have created a template you like and think you can reuse it on other pages, click on Templates at the bottom right and save the entry as a template. This way, your layout is saved.

You can also customize posts using the available shortcodes.

If you intend to apply more advanced customizations, I recommend working on the code only for users who have a thorough knowledge of WordPress and PHP.

Before making any changes, it is always recommended to make a backup .

Errors in PHP codes can create serious problems for your site and even render it unusable.


The support offered to those who buy theEnfold theme it’s great.

Unfortunately, it is only available in English but the support team is always available to answer all user requests.

On the Enfold documentation page, there are also many tutorials, an area to download the child theme, useful codes to enrich/modify the theme, and more.

Enfold: Final comment

As I said, I also use Enfold for SOS WP and I couldn’t be happier.

Until now, Enfold has allowed me to implement a lot of features and has never bothered me.

The Avia Layout builder editor is a very powerful tool, but I suggest you use it to create only the pages of your WordPress site and not the articles.

This is an indication that I generally suggest to all readers, regardless of the type of builder that is used.

In fact, I believe that an article needs more simplicity and the Classic Editor or Block Editor is more than enough to get a neat and easy-to-read post.

In any case, it is my choice and nothing prevents you from using it also for your articles if you want to give more customization to their structure.

I chose this theme also because, despite having a particularly modern look, it is still simple and intuitive to use for the vast majority of users.

If you are considering using the Enfold theme for your site, don’t hesitate.

It will turn out to be a great buy.

Enfold, what kind of theme is it?

It is a WP theme widely used to create different types of professional sites. It is compatible with many plugins and can be enriched with many different effects.

Enfold theme, what plugins are included with its installation?

Layerslider WP is a premium plugin included in the theme.

WordPress Enfold, how to use it with Avia Layout Builder?

Avia Builder is a premium tool included in the Enfold installation. Allows you to configure Layout, Content, and Media.

Does Enfold have good support?

Enfold has really good support, but only in English.


In this review, we have seen the Enfold theme: how to customize it, what are the main features, and what makes it a great theme, chosen by so many users.


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