Education is the gateway to everyone’s own brave new world

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Education is the gateway to everyone’s own brave new world.


Education is a crucial component that has been in demand for millennia. However, the method of giving education has evolved over time. Few people were educated in the past, and those who were fortunate enough to have this gift used it to better themselves and their families. Today, however, education is freely available to all, and as a result, man’s wants have grown.

One of the major differences between past and modern education is that education in the past was derived from religion and was provided for religious objectives. Religion-related research is still conducted nowadays, but it is not a significant element of education. In Indian culture, the educational system required pupils to remain under the supervision of gurus and spend time with them, watching and serving them. However, today’s learning approach is constrained, and students must choose between subjects and modes of instruction. Education used to be a significant study that spanned one’s entire practical life and so prepared pupils for life. Today, however, there is a thorough investigation of a certain element. The relationship between the teacher and the student, as well as the respect that developed between them, was one of the most important aspects of learning in the past. This is a gaping hole in today’s schooling.

As a result, there are both similarities and variations in the educational systems of the past and present. The most significant characteristic is that education’s goal is to enlighten and empower the learner, both in the past and now.

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