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Divi Tutorial: While it is true that WordPress offers basic functionalities to create a blog and now a business website with the new Twenty Seventeen, it remains only to stand out from the competition, but above all to offer a unique and friendly user experience. You absolutely must look for a WordPress theme suited to your business.

We here on BlogPasCher are used to bringing you themes here and there that are specialized in specific areas and these themes do well. However, you might have a need that is not met by these themes, so this is where themes that have the ability to adapt to any niche become very important. In this case, we are talking about a “ multipurpose ” theme, and the one that we have always recommended to you and that we offer to most of our customers is Total.

divi tutorial

Presentation of Divi Tutorial

Divi is a Premium WordPress theme designed by the authors of Elegant Theme. It’s also a framework, in that it can be used to create other themes, but that’s not the part that should interest you.

The good thing about Divi is that:

  • It’s a multipurpose theme
  • Which offers all in one with a drag and drop (no need to visual compose)
  • Optimized for SEO
  • A responsive theme
  • A theme that has a very large community
  • A theme that has a lot of tutorials
  • A constantly updated theme
  • A theme compatible with MailChimp

So what will we do in this tutorial? Well, we will mainly talk about Divi Tutorial, how to make it your own, the installation ( presentation of the interface ), the configuration, and finally how you can create specific websites, we will take a few random niches.

How to appropriate the Divi theme?

As I told you earlier, Divi is a theme designed by Elegant Themes. To get it, you need to go to their website and choose one of their formulae.

Yes, I can imagine, it’s not that affordable, but don’t just focus on the price, but also what you will get for that price. What you need to know is that Elegant Theme offers much more than Divi, you have:

For the annual access plan

  • Access to all themes
  • Access to all plugins
  • Free updates
  • The possibility of requesting a refund after 30 days

For the lifetime access plan

You have the same possibilities as the annual plan, but here everything is unlimited, but in addition, it includes lifetime assistance and a one-off lifetime cost.

Divi Tutorial: Installation and first impressions

Once you have chosen a plan, you can, from your Elegant Theme dashboard, download Divi, all you need to do is install it. Read this tutorial, if you want to know how to install a WordPress theme .

You will see that it offers a link to the documentation, which is already a good thing in case you run into any issues. I admit that what was a little disappointing was that the documentation is in English. But hey, it is quite detailed with videos, especially organized in sections ( modules ), so you can easily see ( visually ) how various aspects of Divi work.

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Presentation of the Divi interface

Back on the dashboard, it is now a question of understanding what new Divi brings. You will notice on your side menu a new menu called “Divi”.

Theme options

By clicking on the “ Divi ” menu, you will access the Divi interface or more precisely the “ theme options ”. This interface will allow you to manage different aspects of the theme including the keys ( MailChimp, Google Analytics ), but also it is a section that will also gather some default WordPress settings ( such as the number of articles per page, the format of the date, and a CSS area ).

You will also notice that this dashboard is made up of several tabs. We will not go into everything in detail here. We will come back to this when we discuss how to create a site with Divi for a specific niche. But I’ll still tell you what the other tabs are:

Navigation: This tab allows you to control the display of items on the menu, determine how the menu looks for pages and categories.

Templates: This tab allows you to control what will appear in the info section of your posts and some post options. You also have the possibility to control some settings of the pages.

Pub: this is where you can control the advertisements on Divi.

Seo: I think this tab speaks for itself. Everything you need to optimize your blog for SEO will be done here.

Integration: This section is reserved for the developer and will allow them to control the location where certain elements will be displayed ( tags, CSS code, etc. ).

Update: Here you can set your license key to receive updates for free.

Theme customization

This second menu takes you directly to the theme customizer. We are not going to go into details. We will come back to this when we get to web design.

To get started, you won’t need the other Divi menu options. That’s all for this presentation of Divi.


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