Divi theme: Review of the most popular WordPress theme of the moment

By Rebecca

Divi theme is one of the WordPress themes most used and loved by users (and by me too!). It’s not a casualty…

Divi is in fact a powerful theme and suitable for almost any type of need!

If you are looking for a multifunctional theme, powerful and with many many features, but also easy to use, Divi is definitely for you.

Divi is not a simple WordPress theme, but a real platform for creating websites that uses a much superior customization system compared to the WordPress editor.

In fact, you can create your pages by making changes in real-time thanks to a powerful visual editor.

Drag elements, edit content, define sizes and positions, all using super simple and intuitive visual controls.

Divi, therefore, offers you a double advantage:

However, if you have programming experience and need more control over the details, the theme also allows you to easily intervene on the codes.

Here, then, is why Divi is the ideal WordPress theme for everyone, from beginners to more experienced users.

Divi also includes other tools, such as Bloom, to create newsletter subscription forms and popups, and Monarch, for sharing your articles on social networks.

Thanks to the many extensions and packages available, you can finally enrich your site with useful and interesting features.

I hope I have intrigued you.

How about discovering all its features?

Divi Theme – A fantastic WordPress theme

As I have already mentioned, Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme.

What does it mean?

It means that you can use it to create any type of website.

Whether you want to create a blog, create an e-commerce site, build a showcase site for your company, or even add a reserved area to sell products dedicated to subscribers, Divi has the solution.

But how does he do all these things?

First of all, thanks to ready-made templates for any type of website, which will help you save a lot of time in creating pages.

In fact, every time you create a new page, you can choose from the predefined layouts available based on the category and topic of the site.

There are over 1500 page templates to choose from.

Your pages can then be enriched by inserting the elements at your disposal, there are 38 (excluding those for e-commerce), and you can customize them very easy to obtain exceptional results.

Would you like to understand better how page creation works with Divi Theme?

I’ll show you right away.

Visual site template: the Divi Builder

If you already have experience with WordPress and use the classic editor or the block editor, you will know how much time a single simple change to the appearance of your page can waste your time.

First, you make the change in the back-end, then you see the preview, then you go back and correct some details… well, a bit of annoying back and forth, right?

With Divi’s visual editor all this will become just a bad memory.

In fact, you will be able to work directly on the live page, from the front-end, both if you need to edit a simple text, or for style changes.

This is the functionality of Divi which distinguishes it from many other similar themes.

What is a visual builder?

Basically, it is a system that allows you to create pages simply by dragging the elements you want to insert.

Therefore, see live the result of what you are building, without having to click on Preview every time you make a change.

Convenient, isn’t it?

Divi also provides you with a drag & drop back-end editor.

The Divi Builder allows you to insert and customize elements on the page by working on its structure.

Add sections, rows, and columns and then insert the elements, the modules of Divi inside them.

There are many, from simple text to sliders, from call to action to the list of the best-selling products of your eCommerce.

In both the Visual Builder and the Divi Builder you will have a whole host of advanced design options for each element.

Colors, dimensions, even animations can be applied with a simple click.

Theme Builder

The latest version of Divi, 4.0, features an extraordinary novelty: the theme builder.

No limits to everything you can create: with the Divi Theme Builder you can build not only the content but the whole page, from the header to the footer, including the sidebars, as you want.

In fact, all the elements of the Visual Builder can be used anywhere on the page, giving you total control over the creation of your website.

The super thing is that you can create different templates and apply them to the pages you want, for example, you can build one for the posts, one for the category page, and so on.

And if you want to use a different format for a specific page, just exclude it from the global settings and you will create your page different from the others.

Total customization!

Did you particularly like a template you made and want to use it on your other websites as well?

Then export your templates built with the Divi Theme Builder and import them on as many sites as you want. One-click is enough!

Demo template

Too tiring to build everything from scratch?

Divi meets even the laziest or those with little time, providing ready-made templates for headers and footers, articles and product pages, category pages, and even the customized 404 pages.

Still too tiring?

Alright then! You can use the Theme Builder Demos, i.e. complete packages including header and footer, product page, article page, category page, and 404 pages.

Of course, everything is fully customizable, so you can install your demo site and then adjust it to your liking.

Content elements

But what are the elements that you can insert on your pages?

Well, I’m not going to list them all, because they are over 40 and I would end up boring you and take away the taste of the surprise! Know that everything you can think of is in Divi!

Contact form? Maps? Testimonials? Related products in an eCommerce?

Yes, I’m here. And the configuration of each element is very simple.

What’s the benefit of having all of this?
You won’t need countless plugins to do everything you need.
Result: your site remains light and clean, without giving up even a feature.

I find this to be great!

Countless wonderful fonts are available

One aspect that in my opinion defines the “character” ( in every sense! ) Of a website is the font used.

There are beautiful websites, with a font that does nothing, and they become annoying to navigate.

Or, on the contrary, sites that have nothing special from a design point of view, but that has such a beautiful font that they are delightful to read.

Has it ever happened to you?

So be very careful when choosing the font for your site, and I’m sure, with 800 fonts available on Divi, you find the right one!

If you use the Google API key, then, every time a new font is added to Google Fonts, you will find it available without having to do anything.

Not enough for you?

And that’s okay, Divi also allows you to upload your font in .ttf or .otf format.

What else do you want?

Color your site the way you like it

Color management of a website can often be problematic.

For example… Have you ever noticed too late that the color of the headings clashed with that of the buttons?

And at that point, you decided to change color and found yourself jumping through hoops to not miss the old color here and there?

This cannot happen with Divi.

Yes, because it has a “magic system” of color management, as they call it (with good reason, I would add!).

When you choose a color from the table, you don’t find the classic “color picker” that shows colors by hue.

What appears to you at first glance seems like chaos, but in reality, there is a very specific scheme: each row is a palette, a color scheme that goes well with each other.

So pick your main color, and you’ll know which colors to match to keep harmony across all of your pages.

No more punches in the eye!

And what do I do if I don’t like that color anymore?

Change it throughout the site with a very simple “find and replace”, and that’s it.

Integrate your favorite services

To make things even easier for you, Divi has seen fit to also facilitate the integrations with different tools.

From Mailchimp to AWeber, from GetResponse to ActiveCampaign, you won’t need to enter who knows what code or get lost in your WordPress files.

Just add your API to connect your services to your website.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that if you want to integrate a service that isn’t available, you can’t. You find the options within the theme settings.

And everything will still comply with the GDPR, so no worries.

My review of the Divi theme for WordPress

In summary: flexibility, adaptability, simplicity, a thousand customizations …

Haven’t I convinced you yet?

Of course?!

After introducing you to Divi’s most amazing features, are you still thinking about it?

Ok, ok, then give me a second and I’ll clarify your ideas.

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Divi Theme: all the advantages of using it

Choose Divi means relying on the Elegant Themes team, which has been operating for over 11 years in the field of WordPress themes and plugins, with 85 employees (spread over every continent) and over 600,000 more than satisfied customers.

Already these numbers make us feel very calm, it is a serious and reliable company.

Not for nothing, it ensures fantastic support 24/7.

The price is very competitive, but it is not a classic purchase, like those, for example, on Themeforest.

The Elegant Themes system is different: you can choose between an annual subscription for $ 89 a year, or a one-time purchase for $ 249.

In both cases (only the duration changes – one year or forever) you will have access not only to Divi but also to many other things. Here’s what’s included:

  • The Divi theme ;
  • Extra (the theme for news sites or blogs);
  • Bloom (the lead generation plugin);
  • Monarch (the social sharing plugin);
  • Hundreds of ready-made demo sites;
  • Thousands of images to use on your site;
  • Updates;
  • Premium support;
  • 30 days warranty;
  • Unlimited use of all products on as many websites as you want.

In short, you take home a nice package complete with everything.

Divi is also already translated into Italian, so you won’t have any problem managing all its functions.

Divi Theme: the disadvantages of using it

I told you about the advantages, for a level playing field it seems right to see what the disadvantages may be.

As intuitive and well-organized as it is, you certainly won’t be able to create the website of your dreams in minutes.

There will be some study to understand everything you can do and how to orient yourself within the various functions.

Documentation and support are in English only and if you are unfamiliar with this language you may encounter some difficulties.

Do you think Divi could be the right theme for your website? In my opinion, yes! Find out more about the features of the theme on the official website.

Divi theme WordPress, why choose it?

Because it is flexible, adaptable, simple, and allows a thousand customizations.

Divi theme, how much does it cost?

Elegant Themes offers an annual subscription for $ 89, or a one-time purchase for $ 249.

Does the Divi theme for WordPress also have extras?

Yes, among which we mention: Bloom, Monarch, hundreds of ready-made demo sites, and thousands of images to use on your site.

Does the Divi theme also have any disadvantages?

It is a subject that must be studied before it can be mastered and documentation and support are in English only.


My review of the Divi theme showed you the main features of this wonderful WordPress theme.

Its strengths are really many, even if some aspects could cause some difficulties, but nothing insurmountable!

The most important feature of Divi is definitely the Visual Builder, practical to use and very powerful.

The infinite customization possibilities allow you to obtain advanced graphic effects that always work perfectly on any device.

The availability of over 40 elements will help you to add all kinds of functionality to your pages and with the use of layout templates, you will quickly get a professional and attractive-looking website.

A very active community has also developed around Divi, made up of users and developers, in which advice is exchanged, the news is known and interesting ideas are found.

Just think that meetups are even organized all over the world, in which the developers of Elegant Themes participate, and are an unmissable opportunity to discover all the secrets of Divi.


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