Distinguish between western ghats and eastern ghats

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Difference between western ghats and eastern ghats


Distinguish between western ghats and eastern ghats: The term “Ghats” refers to tiered mountains with valleys in between. They are sometimes referred to as difficult passes or mountain ranges. Ghats also refer to man-made riverbanks that are used for religious purposes, bathing, and ferry landing.

Western Ghats Eastern Ghats
1. The western ghats are continuous chains of mountains and can be crossed through passes only. 1. The Eastern ghats are not continuous and are cut by rivers falling into the Bay of Bengal.
2. The height ranges from 900-1600 meters. 2. Their height is lower than the western ghats, height ranges from 600 to 900 meter
3. Most of the Peninsular rivers originate from western ghats. 3. No major river originates from the Eastern Ghats.
4. The soil is highly fertile. 4. The soil is not so fertile here.
5. The onset of monsoon is felt by the western ghats. 5. The retreating of the monsoon is felt here in October and November.


  • The eastern ghats’ steep slopes are covered with scant woods that contain important timber.
  • The western ghats’ abundant rainfall has resulted in dense vegetation.
  • The Western Ghats is considered a biodiversity hotspot because they are home to a variety of flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world.

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