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What is the full form of DGP?

DGP full form: Director General of Police

DGP full form: Director-General of Police is the full form of DGP. In Hindi, DGP stands for Director General of Police. The Director-General of Police (DGP) is the highest-ranking police officer in Indian states and union territories, with a three-star rank. All DGPs are members of the Indian Police Service (IPS). In most Indian states, the DGP is the head of the state police force, in which case the official is referred to as the state police chief, which is a cabinet-level appointment. For the Indian Forest Service, it is comparable to the position of Chief of Forest Forces ( IFS ). The national emblem, above the cross sword and baton, is the insignia of the Director-General of Police or Commissioner of Police (in Delhi).

How do you go about becoming a DGP?

The Director-General of Police, also known as the Director-General of Police, is the police force’s highest and final rank. Depending on a variety of conditions, the state usually only has one or four such posts.

Only an IPS officer can be promoted to this position. To become an IPS officer, one must pass the UPSC test, which is considered to be one of the most difficult in the country. An officer with this background is promoted to the ranks of ASP, SP, DIG, Spl IG, Addl DG, and DG.

Officers who passed the NPA exam are listed in order of merit (National Police Academy). All promotions up to the end of service are based on this merit list. The tough reality is that, despite being from the same batch, the officers are of different ages. One may have passed the UPSC at a young age, another at an advanced age, and still others in the midst. The officer on the merit list who is the youngest has the highest chance of becoming a DGP. Because others, even those with higher ranks than the petty officer, may reach retirement age before the petty officer.

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