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What is Desygner?

Desygner is a user-friendly online image editor for developing marketing materials and documents for persons with little experience in graphic design. It was created for social media marketers, bloggers, and writers. Social media photos, web adverts, email banners, flyers, posters, postcards, and other graphic material that may be distributed online or in print are among the types of content that Desygner can create. Desygner provides sample templates on which you may base your ideas as a foundation for beginners. As an online programme, it makes the most of the internet’s potential by allowing users to use free photographs from Google or Flickr. Your designs can also be shared discreetly by email, private links, or publicly on websites. Finally, Desygner allows you to download designs in many formats such as PNG or JPG at any time and from any location.

Bloggers, authors, and social media marketers use Desygner, an online picture editor. The graphic design web tool, which is described as simple to use, allows users to build and design websites, print and marketing materials, and documents without having to hire expert designers and graphic artists. As a result, it’s used to create social network posts and header images, web advertising, blog post images, email banners, flyers, posters, business cards, postcards, newsletters, magazines, and posters, among other things.

Access to ready-made templates is available through the online design programme. Users will be able to search through millions of free photographs on Google or Flickr. They can also add stickers, backdrops, and fonts to your projects. The software allows users to share their creations by email, a private link, or by embedding them on a website. Last but not least, Desygner allows users to download designs as PNG, JPG, or PNG files from any location and at any time.

Desygner Review on  features

Main features of Desygner are:

  • Social Media Images and Posts
  • Free Vector Art and Stickers
  • Free Backgrounds
  • Blog Headers
  • Download Print-Ready Design File
  • Edit Design
  • Share Designs
  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Embed Design to any Website
  • Social Media Photo Sizes
  • Free Images
  • Web Banners
  • Online Banner Maker
  • Create Unique Marketing Materials
  • Web Ads and Banner Ads
  • Documents and Presentations
  • Desygner Community
  • Google Ad Sizes
  • Invitation and Cards

Desygner key features

For its users, the platform has a lot to offer. The best part is that you can even try out a couple of them for free. Of course, you’re limited in some ways, but it’s still stunning. Let’s take a look at some of its most appealing features:

Templates are available for free

You may save a lot of time and money by using templates. Look around any graphic design firm and you’ll see that they all use templates. The best part is that Desygner has a huge library of free designs you may use for branding, marketing, and general design. There are hundreds of template alternatives for people all over the world in categories like posters, business cards, banners, and flyers.

The following are some of the most popular templates:

Use of social media

It’s never been easier to create visuals for your social media accounts. Simply log in to the site and begin creating! To complement your brand, you can choose from a choice of backgrounds, colours, and logos.


Using the platform, create several types of posters. You can choose from the most recent templates. You can also add your own text, logos, photographs, and other elements to the images. Because you can download your graphics in any size you desire, it’s ideal for print advertising.


You can get pre-made logos for your company without having to create them yourself. Additionally, you may include their icons, social network images, and a variety of other graphic styles into your projects.

Maker of Wattpad covers

You may make covers for your ebooks using the Desygner Wattpad cover maker. The best part is that it comes highly recommended by Wattpad, so you know it’s authentic. Simply select one of the available templates, create your narrative, and voila – you’re ready to publish!

I like how the covers are all professionally made, as well as how the styles are organised. It’s worth noting that the font of each text on the cover can be changed, which is perhaps the most useful element of the entire design suite.

Furthermore, even if you use templates, you can make several changes to better suit your theme and content. You can change the colour scheme in the same way that you would for any other graphic design job. You can, for example, alter the background to better match your book.

The Editor

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of graphic design, the editor’s drag-and-drop user interface is ideal. It’s essentially a simple way to make images without needing to learn how to use Photoshop or other tools.

The mobile app

Desygner also has a mobile application. It’s an excellent approach to generate graphics from any location. Both Android and iPhone users can use the mobile app. It’s simple to use, and the app has a variety of free and premium templates that you can use on any mobile device to create designs.

I enjoy how the app is well-designed so you can simply find everything you need in one location. It will only take you a minute to develop your app, which is rather astounding for most mobile apps.

The web version

One of the best features of Desygner is that you may use both the web version and the mobile app. You may use the platform from anywhere and begin generating visuals. It’s certainly one of the nicest features because you don’t have to lug your laptop or computer everywhere with you to complete your work.

Editor for PDFs

Desygner provides a PDF editor that may be used to modify and produce PDFs. It’s ideal for preparing presentations, documents, and other print-related materials. You have the option of adding your own words as well.

Business cards are used to promote a company.

You can make and save business card templates. You can either use Desygner’s templates or create new templates to meet your specific requirements. It’s a fantastic way to save money and time while designing something that exactly reflects your company’s logo and beliefs.

Images with no royalties

Desygner offers a library of royalty-free images that you may incorporate into your designs. There are hundreds of images, vector icons, patterns, and backdrops available on the platform for graphic design inspiration. There’s also a part where you may upload your own photos and designs, making it one of the most adaptable tools available.

Library of graphics

Desygner provides access to a graphic library with over 1,000,000 images. Flyers, social media, wallpapers, and illustrations are just a few of the categories you can search through. I like how there are so many graphics to select from, making it easy to discover what you need for your next project.

Options for design

While I enjoy how simple Desygner is to use and how many options there are for your campaigns, Unfortunately, I believe the alternatives are inferior to those offered by other similar apps on the market. Don’t get me wrong: creating graphics is still quite simple, but you can get by with other programmes on the market.

It’s ideal for both artists and business owners. You can still accomplish wonderful stuff with Desygner if you have artistic talent but lack experience. It’s also a good alternative for tiny firms who can’t afford to hire a designer.

Desygner Benefits

Desygner’s key advantages are its simple graphic design tools, ready-made template selection, and versatility. The following are the specifics:

Regardless of your graphic design skills, Desygner can help you create a professional-looking website. You can also find themes that correspond to your brand’s vision so that you can create an online banner for your blog or website. Desygner includes templates for everything from posters and menus to gift certificates and business cards. As a result, you can save money on marketing by hiring expert graphic designers. For your blog headers, you can utilise vector graphic stickers, inscriptions, and shapes. You can either create your own or find a picture that you can alter on Google or Flickr.

Desygner is an online software that aids in the development of your brand’s social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You may rest assured that your photographs will be extensively circulated thanks to this integration. If you want to get into social media marketing and publishing, templates are also available to ensure that your photographs are the proper size for a smooth transfer from app to app. Desygner can also handle your printing materials, allowing you to import photos and words in a variety of formats such as PSDs, PDFs, and PPTs. You also don’t have to worry about preparing files for printing because they’re all ready to go.

Websites with a professional appearance and enticing blogs

Users can use Desygner to market their brand and make their website or blog look professional without having to hire web developers or designers. They may build personalised web banners for websites or custom blog headers for blogs using its online banner creator. In addition, the software gives users access to hundreds of customizable online banner templates.

Desygner offers thousands of vector graphic stickers, shapes, and words that can be used for blog headers to help make a site more appealing. Users can upload their own blog post photographs or search for images on Google or Flickr that are publicly available.

Make your own materials

Another advantage of Desygner is the ability to gain loyal customers. This is because the software aids in the creation and design of unique marketing materials for clients to advertise items or services. Desygner, once again, offers customizable designs that may be used to promote a business and attract buyers.

There are templates for a poster, menu, flyer, gift certificate, business card, album cover, real estate flyer, for sale sign, and eBook cover in the online design software. Desygner not only assists users in reaching out to customers, but it also helps them save money on marketing.

Images from Social Media

Desygner enables the creation of a brand and the development of a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Unique and fascinating photographs are disseminated across different social media channels thanks to the software. Surprisingly, the software’s templates for social media marketing and posting are designed with the appropriate photo size for each social media outlet.

Designs to Import and Print

Users can easily import photos and text from Adobe PDFs, PSDs, and Microsoft PowerPoint files using Desygner’s capability. Additionally, when customers are ready to publish their designs, they will be able to view and download print-ready files from the software, allowing them to print them quickly at a nearby printing business or anywhere.

Desygner pros and cons


  • “Desygner is a sophisticated online publishing program that allows you to produce incredibly stunning and easy-to-customize templetes and posts to attract consumers or audiences.”
  • “Desygner is a tool that I utilize when I need it, and the overall experience has been positive.”
  • “An alternative to Canva that is less expensive and has more functionality.”
  • “A large number of free template and font options, as well as the ease with which I can share my work with others.”


  • “It is possible to integrate a GIF maker, which is currently popular in the market. There is no text animation.”
  • “When it comes to the elements section for constructing mailers, there are a number of things that are missing.”
  • “The only thing I didn’t like was the absence of pre-made elements and templates.”

Desygner pricing plans

Desygner subscriptions start at $9.99 per month or $59.89 per year. It even has a mobile app that you can get through the Google Play Store. If you ask me, it’s fairly reasonable in comparison to other options available.


The link on their website that opens up their price structure is now broken, implying that substantial changes are on the way. In general, their subscription grants you access to all of the site’s features.

Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

Language Support

  • English
  • Dutch

Pricing Model

  • Free
  • Monthly payment

Customer Types

Desynger review

Desygner is a terrific option if you’re searching for a simple way to generate graphics and designs for your social media marketing, internet business, or offline events. It is simple to use and does not take up a lot of time. I also enjoy how it has some fantastic capabilities that might assist you in creating some truly outstanding images.

Overall, I believe Desygner is an excellent alternative for individuals who want to design something that can be used right away. It’s quick, simple, and straightforward to use. You can even select templates that fit your company’s or brand’s principles. It does, however, have a few problems in my opinion.


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