Define monsoon What do you understand by break in monsoon?

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Define monsoon What do you understand by break in monsoon: The term “Monsoon” refers to the reversal of wind direction that occurs once a year during the summer months. The Arabic term ‘Mausim’ means ‘season’, which is the meaning of the phrase. The word Monsoon derives from the Arabic word Mausim, which means “rainy season.”

  • The monsoon season is notorious for its unpredictability.
  • Rainfall ‘breaks’ are a common occurrence and phenomenon during the monsoon season.
  • As a result, the monsoon has both dry and wet episodes.
  • Rainless spells are interspersed during the Monsoon season.
  • The duration, frequency, and intensity of the alternation of wet and dry episodes are all variable.
  • The migration of the monsoon trough has an impact on the occurrence of ‘breaks’ in the monsoon.
  • The migration of the trough and its axis to the south or north is what determines the spatial distribution of rainfall, and this movement can be caused by a variety of factors.
  • It rains heavily in the Himalayas when the axis of the trough is closer to the Himalayas, whereas the Northern plains endure dry spells when the axis of the trough is farther away from the Himalayas.
  • When the axis of the trough passes across the northern plains, rainfall in the region is favorable.
  • Heavy rainfall in the catchment areas of the Himalayan rivers causes flash floods, which cause extensive damage to property and human lives.

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