The best Deep Twitter Quotes to get more followers

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Deep Twitter Quotes: Let’s start by analyzing Twitter. For me, it is like a disco, since we find all kinds of social groups. So we can get closer to the people we like the most and most related to us, having more things in common. Today we want to give you the best Deep Twitter Quotes, either to flirt or to have more followers, on Twitter. Get more followers with these Deep Twitter Quotes.

Today being resourceful on Twitter is the order of the day. The person who has more ingenuity in their Tweets will get many more followers, for sure, although many times we find followers who accumulate followers as a result of having accounts in which they are dedicated to “trolling” and insulting others, especially celebrity accounts .

I would try to save this type of Tweets since what we want is to be ingenious, not to have our account closed, right? Think that although it seems that everything is allowed on Twitter, if we accumulate many complaints from various users, we can end up being eliminated and expelled from the social network.

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It is better to opt for originality and to be able to comment with «tweets» or Deep Twitter Quotes that are funny, that convey positive ideas, or that are entirely funny.

But there are other methods and ways to get more followers and to be able to obtain more reputation within the social network, one of them is to add links to web pages with more authority and fame, such as those of the newspapers. Another method is the use of hashtags, depending on the topic of your specialty or the topic you are dealing with, you will have to choose between them.

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So let’s start with the best Deep Twitter Quotes to get followers on Twitter:

The best Deep Twitter Quotes to get more followers

  • Learn to let go of those who do not intend to stay, not to wait for those who will not return, and give a chance to those who deserve it.
  • The best-closed door is the one that can be left open
  • Before you speak think, but before you think, read
  • If you cannot explain it in a simple way, it is because you have not understood it well.
  • My life, you are very fat – Oh my love! Can’t you tell me something sweeter? – No, because you would eat it …
  • I’m terrific in bed – Really? – Yes. I don’t kick, I don’t snore and I don’t speak in my sleep …
  • War is the art of destroying men. Politics is the art of deceiving them
  • Kissing is a great way to keep two lovers from saying too much nonsense.
  • Success usually has many parents, but failure is always an orphan
  • He who does not value life does not deserve it
  • The biggest mistake is wanting to remove from your head what you cannot remove from your heart
  • There are people who just by looking at them brighten your day.
  • I don’t think I played thief and police anymore since the counter strike was invented
  • Tell me your name and I’ll put you in favorites
  • Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
  • If I were you, I fall in love with me
  • Did you know that 95% of foxes do not live in forests …
  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door
  • Travel, money recovered, time did not
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  • Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
  • Fear is my most faithful companion, it has never tricked me into going with another
  • TYPICAL: you have a misspelling in a tweet, and suddenly EVERYONE becomes a teacher
  • Love is like WiFi, it’s in the air, but not everyone has the key.
  • When everyone is crazy, being sane is crazy
  • It is not the strongest of the species that survive and it is not the most intelligent. The one that best adapts to change survives. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never diminishes by sharing it.
  • If your illness has a remedy, why are you complaining? If you don’t have it, why are you complaining?
  • Knowledge is a smart book, while wisdom is the application of the knowledge from that book to everyday life.
  • Never cry for a man worth less than your mascara.
  • We are all very ignorant. What happens is that we do not all ignore the same things
  • In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s life in your years
  • The problem with the world is that smart people are full of doubts while stupid people are full of confidence.
  • I love you like always and I miss you like never
  • Smile, tomorrow you might be missing a tooth
  • Success is a bad teacher. Seduce smart people to think that they can never fail
  • The right person makes you fall in love twice. First of her and after yourself
  • The perfect day begins with you
  • I do not want to know anything about love if it is not with you
  • Worry more about your personality than your reputation, because personality is who you really are, while reputation is simply what others think you are.
  • By your side, I don’t need to sleep to dream
  • The measure of intelligence is the ability to change
  • I listen to people who are right, but I prefer to follow people who get results
  • The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits
  • See a cockroach and scream like it’s a serial killer
  • HAPPINESS?. Happiness is turning the pillow and continuing to sleep
  • 9-year-olds with piercings: at their age, I used to put on chewing gum tattoos and I felt rebellious
  • Women, if you are looking for a tender, romantic, affectionate, cute, and thoughtful man, I inform you that these men already have a BOYFRIEND
  • If you have to sleep, you sleep. And if you have to study, you sleep
  • If you saw how you look at me, you would know why I love you
  • Who does not have enemies, does not usually have friends
  • It is not worth telling someone you love it, you have to show it to them
  • It is better to be quiet and look like a fool than to open your mouth and clear up any doubts.
  • Jealous me? HAHAHAHA oh my love, tell me who put those ideas in your head? WHO?! WHO?! YOUR LOVER TRUE ?!
  • The one who can smile when everything is going wrong is because he has already thought about who to blame
  • The best Twitter Deep Twitter Quotes to get more followers Foolishness is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has its limits, foolishness does not. This is very typical.
  • Sometimes I forget my mistakes. What’s your name?
  • A day without laughing is a day lost
  • The problem with closed minds is that they always have their mouths open
  • Nostalgia is not what it used to be. This seems very appropriate considering that today it seems that everything in the past was better and there are always heavy people remembering how good movies or video games were before. Even nostalgia is no longer what it used to be.
  • I’m not completely useless … at least I’m setting a bad example.
  • Dad, I drank 1 liter of gasoline, what can I do? Well if you go slowly, 20 km
  • To have something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.
  • I don’t suffer from madness… I enjoy it every minute.
  • Life is ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you respond to it
  • I have walked many roads, I have already met many people, but you are one of those that I will never forget
  • People like you really like you … down the stairs, for example
  • I learned to love you not because you are perfect, but because I managed to love each and every one of your imperfections
  • Sun there are two words that can open all doors: pull and push
  • And as I always tell my friends, meeting you was a coincidence, but it was the best thing of my life.
  • Tears are the pain that words cannot explain
  • A good trick to look ten years younger is to say that you are ten years older
  • Happiness is turning the pillow and continuing to sleep
  • They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same
  • Women, make a man happy, don’t get married.
  • If they gave me a choice, I would stay with you to live
  • I love even what I don’t know about you
  • Let’s go out together, I invite kisses
  • Confidence in success is the premise to achieve it
  • Who thinks a lot does nothing
  • If a car is a car and men are men, is my grandmother Carmen a transformer?
  • Whoever invented beer was a wise man
  • If I were you, I fall in love with me.
  • Look at the people who always smile, you also have bad days, but they are giving you reasons to move forward.
  • What comes out of your mouth is what you are. Ancient Toltec phrase
  • Bad luck doesn’t last forever, at some point, you will die
  • Patience is a tree with bitter roots, but with very sweet fruits.
  • For Adam, paradise was where Eve was. That’s why for me paradise is where you are
  • If you knew that the world would end tomorrow, today you would still plant a tree. These last 3 sentences are very Zen and philosophical .
  • Opportunity is hiding among the difficulties. Pronounced by the famous Albert Einstein but you calm down, put it on Twitter that no one will know that it is his XD .
  • A happy castaway would be if your mouth were the sea and I a sailor adrift
  • What do you do for a living? I am a writer, I have a blog. And you? I am a pilot, I have a motorcycle
  • The intelligent man is capable of creating more opportunities than are available to him. These last two phrases that invite optimism.
  • I hate that they talk when I interrupt
  • Travel to the moon or the corner store, but with you
  • Love madly, love doesn’t last forever. Never say never because nothing is forever
  • No one has gotten sick from working hard … but let’s not try our luck either
  • I’m not bipolar! They only make me mad when I’m happy
  • Conversation: competition to interrupt
  • Politicians and diapers have to be changed often… and for the same reasons. Anything that is hitting politicians on Twitter (without insulting, yes) is legal, even if they try to convince us otherwise.
  • The sun shines everywhere, but some see only its shadows. Dedicated to all those pessimists and toxic people.
  • This is a robbery, give me all your money! – Hey, you don’t know that I’m a politician? – Excuse me, then … give me all my money!
  • The 7 wonders of the world: 1- His look, 2- His lips, 3- His smile, 4- His voice, 5- His hands, 6- His hair, 7- ME when I am by his side. This is for the most romantic, almost reaching the level of “bows”, “babas”, whatever you call it .
  • I don’t like to drink water because fish fornicate in it. You can leave this on your profile if you want others to think that you are a weirdo of those who is original and different .
  • Your future depends on your dreams… don’t waste your time and go back to sleep…! The phrase is from the famous Groucho Marx, and there would be dozens, hundreds of Groucho phrases to use .
  • No matter what it takes, I’ll wait for you all my life
  • God made the world in six days. So far no one has been able to explain what the rush was coming for. This is how it has been.
  • Western civilization? Well, it would be an excellent idea. This phrase was said by Gandhi .
  • It is only time to blame. All men become good, but so slowly! And it is that as a wise philosopher said, “man is a wolf to man. “
  • Medicine is the art of fighting men to the death of today, to give them to them in a better state, a little later.
  • Beer is that summer love that accompanies you all year




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