Deep skin cleansing with vitamin C: what are the benefits

By Tamer Alexandera

This year (which has already passed halfway through) have you already taken the opportunity to perform a deep skin cleaning? 

Many people forget that this is a procedure that must be done periodically, to keep skin always beautiful and that it even better absorbs any other product or treatment. Vitamin C is also an essential item for those who want healthy skin. 

Learn more about the vitamin C deep skin cleansing procedure.


Your skin’s needs

The skin of the face spends a lot of time exposed to external agents, which can be aggressive. It suffers from air pollution and ultraviolet rays much more than body skin. 

In addition, throughout the day, the skin of the face accumulates secretions and oil, in addition to the remnants of makeup.

All these factors are harmful to the skin, compromising health and aesthetics. Therefore, some basic precautions need to be followed, such as:

  • maintain a daily skin cleansing routine;
  • maintain adequate hydration and good nutrition;
  • supplements that are lacking in the body;
  • use sunscreen daily, the one recommended by the dermatologist;
  • get quality sleep and avoid stress that unbalances hormones;
  • frequently perform treatments that involve exfoliation and deep skin cleansing along with vitamin C.

Benefits of deep skin cleansing

Deep skin cleaning is essential care, as it helps control oiliness, removes impurities, and even prevents expression lines and wrinkles. 

See the benefits of deep skin cleansing:


1 – Helps prevent acne and blackheads

A good skin cleaning, performed by qualified professionals, not only treats pimples on the face, but also prevents further inflammation.

As the treatment deeply cleanses the pores, it also prevents excess dirt from clogging those same pores again, forming acne and blackheads.


2 – Removes dead cells and detoxifies the skin 

To maintain a healthy, luminous appearance, it is necessary to remove dead cells through cleansing and detoxification – which is precisely what deep skin cleansing does.

During the process, the dead skin is removed and, in the days after the treatment, the cells are stimulated to renew the skin, providing freshness to the face.


3 – Evens out and smoothes 

Because of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and applying vitamin C, the skin’s texture changes completely, becoming much smoother and more even.

In this way, some spots on the face become lighter, as the blackheads and dead skin are removed.


4 – Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines

In the long term, the skin deep cleansing routine ensures a much more beautiful, youthful and healthy appearance. 


Deep skin cleansing with Vitamin C

Skin Cleaning, as you have already seen, provides hygiene, which consists of removing impurities, comedones, pustules and excess oil, recovering the freshness and freshness of normal, mixed and oily skins. It provides a clearer and more homogeneous skin and a finer and softer texture.

Vitamin C is indicated for devitalized, dry or dehydrated skin. It has a whitening function, inhibits the production of melanin, performs a superficial exfoliation and reduces expression lines. It also increases collagen production and the skin is extremely hydrated and velvety in texture.

It’s the perfect combination in one procedure.

Where to perform the procedure?

It is important to say that skin cleaning only achieves these goals if it is performed by qualified professionals, with good equipment and high quality products. Otherwise, the desired effects may not be achieved. 

Tamer is an exceptional author in Health Industry, She is passionate about helping people to make them understand about health-related tips.