Dark Circles | Why do I wake up with dark circles under my eyes?

By Tamer Alexandera
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Dark Circles

Are you bothered by dark circles beneath your eyes? And still you sleep soundly? Understand that dark circles are caused by more than just a lack of sleep!

The most well-known reason is fatigue, although it is not the only one. The skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the rest of the body.

As a consequence, she’s very sensitive…

The smallest variation in pigmentation is immediately discernible.

So, why do we get black circles even if we get enough sleep?

Here are nine possible explanations for this, as well as the best therapies.

But what exactly is a dark circle?

First and foremost, that is not a typo!

The term “cerne” is masculine.

We say “a ring” rather than “a ring.”

Then there are dark circles, which occur when the skin around the eyes is a different hue from the rest of the face.

The skin then changes colour from dark brown to purple.

Understand that black circles occur as a result of:

1. Because of the thinness of the skin there, the blood vessels are more apparent.

2. Eye swelling causes the region beneath the eyes to darken.

Dark circles, which are often accompanied by puffiness, give the illusion of tiredness.

As a consequence, we get the following comments from coworkers:

” You look awful! Did you get enough sleep?”

Let’s look at the reasons for dark circles beneath the eyes together:

1. Your eyes are tired from screens

The eye is a muscular organ as well.

And, like other muscles, it wears out!

So, after gazing at computer, smartphone, and television displays all day…

It produces what physicians refer to as eye strain.

And very rightly…

When your eyes are fatigued, the blood vessels under the eye enlarge.

This swelling may also cause the thin skin surrounding the eyes to discolour.

What could be done to fix it?

Use these powerful grandma recipes to treat this.

Also, take one-minute breaks every 30 minutes.

Look away from your screen during the break, ideally to a spot as far away as feasible.

It makes your eyes less fatigued.

If you’ve spent all day staring at a screen, the cold may also help you get rid of your dark circles.

The cold increases blood circulation and decreases edoema.

As a result, it is an effective natural cure for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Simply place some ice cubes in a clean towel.

Apply the cold compress on the dark circles for 5 minutes, and you’re done.

Cold-soaked compresses may be used to accomplish the same effect.

Soak a washcloth in cold water and place it under the eyes for 20 minutes.

2. You have allergies and dry eyes

Allergies and dry eyes may also contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

Histamines are released by your body during an allergic response.

Histamines create unpleasant symptoms such as itching, red eyes.

Histamines also cause your blood vessels to expand in that location, making them more noticeable.

Furthermore, because of the irritation, you are compelled to massage your eyes.

Except it aggravates the inflammation, swelling, and the development of dark circles!

If you experience allergy problems, this might be the reason of your dark circles.

Know that the following are the most frequent allergy symptoms:

– scratchy eyes

– sneezing or sniffling

– sinus congestion

Antihistamines may help lessen allergy symptoms that aggravate dark circles.

What could be done to fix it?

Every year in the spring, allergies arise.

They cause the eyes to become red and inflamed.

Use this grandmother’s cure to relieve dry eyes.

And I offer these helpful cures for pollen allergies.

Tea is also quite useful as a rapid relief treatment.

Why is this so? Because it is high in theine and antioxidants, it has been shown to improve blood circulation.

As a result, it naturally lowers blood vessel enlargement and water retention under the skin.

Soak 2 tea bags (black or green) in boiling water for 5 minutes to prepare.

Place the bags in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes.

Apply them to your eyes with your eyelids closed once they have cooled.

Leave for 10 to 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse the area with cold water.

3. You’re not drinking enough water

We often forget…

Despite this, one of the most prevalent causes of dark circles is dehydration.

When your body does not obtain enough water, the skin around your eyes becomes dull.

As a result, the eye region seems sunken.

The closeness of the bony wall beneath the skin behind the eyes also explains this phenomena.

What could be done to fix it?

Here are five unmistakable symptoms that you are dehydrated.

Remember to keep hydrated and drink enough of water to combat dark circles.

It is generally suggested to consume at least 1.5 litres of water every day.

This aids in the prevention of dehydration, which promotes swelling of the blood vessels behind the eyes.

Furthermore, keep in mind that certain fruits are true water reservoirs.

As a result, eating fruit is another efficient method of rehydrating the body.

Melon, watermelon, citrus fruits, and strawberries, for example, have a high water content.

Some veggies are also very hydrating, particularly when eaten raw.

This is especially true for cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, carrots, peppers, and so forth.

4. You are too often in the sun

When you are exposed to UV radiation, your body produces melanin.

This pigment is responsible for the colour of your skin.

As a result, excessive sun exposure may cause skin discoloration…

Particularly around the eyes!

So, if you’re going to be out in the sun, don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

What could be done to fix it?

Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of dark circles.

As a result, using sunscreen before venturing out is critical.

It should be a regular ritual, just like cleaning your teeth!

As a result, avoid tanning in the sun or, worse, in a UV chamber.

Choose a sunscreen that is strong in protection, hypoallergenic, and safe to use around the eyes.

Furthermore, you may produce your own 100 percent natural sunscreen using this formula.

Wearing a nice pair of sunglasses is also recommended by specialists.

Make that they are well-protected and have 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.

5. You lack iron

Anemia is defined as an abnormal decrease in the concentration of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

In most cases, it is caused by a shortage of iron in the diet.

Anemia occurs when red blood cells do not deliver enough oxygen to the body’s tissues.

As you may expect, this includes those beneath the eyes.

It creates pallor and the appearance of black circles as a consequence.

In one study, researchers discovered that half of the subjects with black circles were iron deficient.

Those who developed anaemia in this trial were eventually treated.

The majority of patients reported significant improvement with this medication.

What could be done to fix it?

The following are symptoms of iron deficiency:

– chronic tiredness

– vertigo and

– Skin pallor, which is apparent within the eyelids.

Consult a doctor straight away if you suspect you have an iron shortage.

It is suggested that you consume iron-rich meals to prevent anaemia.

Spinach, beans, and shellfish, for example.

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6. You smoke and drink alcohol

Because they dry the skin, alcohol and cigarettes may make dark circles seem worse.

Alcohol also causes blood vessels to expand, especially those around the eyes.

The following is logical: drinking causes your dark circles to become much more prominent.

What about the smokes in all of this?

Smoking lowers the amount of collagen in the skin, causing it to age.

This loss in collagen causes dark circles, which are also related with ageing.

Furthermore, the carbon monoxide in cigarettes depletes the oxygen in your skin.

As a result, it looks darker in areas with thin skin, such as beneath the eyes.

What could be done to fix it?

There aren’t 50 ways to get rid of dark circles here!

The best thing to do is to minimise, if not eliminate, your alcohol use.

If you can’t, consider restricting yourself to one drink each day.

You will not only have less black circles, but you will also reduce weight, as stated here.

There are successful smoking cessation methods.

I utilised these natural smoking cessation methods myself.

I can assure you that since I stopped smoking, my dark circles have significantly reduced!

7. Your body needs more rest

Yes, it’s not because you believe you’re getting enough sleep…

…that your body does not need further rest!

If you used to sleep little, you may not even be exhausted anymore.

However, your body suffers as a result of your lack of sleep.

How do you find out? It’s not a good indication if you have pale skin.

Getting adequate sleep is therefore critical for reducing or avoiding the development of bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Experts recommend that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

But wait, there’s more…

Sleep deprivation may also promote water retention beneath the eyes, making them seem puffy.

What could be done to fix it?

The health consequences of sleep deprivation are alarming.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your dark circles become much more obvious.

If you have difficulties sleeping, try these magical sleep practises.

Consider having a sleep throughout the day as well.

A quick snooze may significantly reduce weariness and dark circles.

And there’s no need to sleep for three hours for it to work!

As mentioned above, 10 minutes is plenty.

Understand that bags beneath the eyes are caused by more than simply a lack of sleep…

Sometimes the reason is also the way you sleep.

Fluid may accumulate in the lower eyelid region when you lay down.

This accumulation is what gives you a puffy appearance when you wake up.

What is the solution? Simply raise your head with an additional cushion.

As a result, the fluids may flow regularly and you avoid having bags under your eyes.

8. Your parents also have dark circles

Hereditary factors contribute significantly to the formation of dark circles.

They may arise as early as infancy.

The dark circles may then worsen or vanish with age.

Certain family histories, particularly thyroid problems, have also been linked to their emergence.

According to one research, family history is the primary reason.

The researchers also discovered that the average age for the appearance of dark circles is 24 years.

But, why?

This is due to the fact that genetics has a significant influence in two variables that lead to dark circles:

– levels of collagen and

– the synthesis of melanin

Collagen is a protein that helps the skin keep its suppleness and so reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

And, as previously said, melanin is responsible for the brown or black pigments seen in the skin.

What could be done to fix it?

You may always utilise… your cosmetic bag to get rid of dark circles!

The colour adjustment is the key to unlocking the mystery.

Apply a light veil in the appropriate shade to counteract dark circles.

The goal is to mix it in with your natural skin tone.

I suggest this natural-ingredient DIY blush recipe…

It’s so natural that you may consume it without fear!

Don’t forget that the eye region need enough moisture.

The skin in this region is quite delicate.

As a result, it is essential to preserve it by using a good moisturiser in the morning and evening.

It hydrates and smoothes the skin around the eyes while also reducing the appearance of dark circles.

I suggest this moisturising cream recipe for your eyes.

9. You’re not as young as you used to be

Simply said, it’s age!

This is one of the first things that contributes to the emergence of dark circles.

The skin and tissues surrounding the eyes weaken and sag as we age.

As a consequence, the blood vessels behind the surface of the eyes become more apparent, resulting in dark circles.

There is another effect of skin thinning:

It occurs because the region below the eye becomes a hollow.

This drooping skin is also the cause of puffiness, which may make you seem swollen and puffy.

What could be done to fix it?

Medical therapy is another option for a more lasting remedy.

Although they might look ugly, black circles are totally natural.

It’s not going to hurt to leave them alone!

Don’t feel obligated to alter your look forever.

Keeping this in mind, the following are the most often utilised medical treatments for dark circles:

– Chemical peels: used to lighten pigmentation.

– laser surgery: the surgeon uses a laser scalpel to cut through the inner of the eyelid. To tighten the skin, the fat pocket is eliminated.

– Filling techniques: we inject hyaluronic acid into the hollows of dark circles to diminish and firm them.

– Medical tattooing: dark circles are injected with skin-color pigment to be removed.

– Carboxytherapy: In order to promote blood circulation, carbon dioxide is injected beneath the skin.

Consult your doctor before using any of these drastic measures.

Indeed, many surgical procedures to remove dark circles and puffiness may be intrusive, costly, and uncomfortable.

They may even need a period of recuperation.

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