Cryptocurrency Investors: 9 Tips for Beginner 

Cryptocurrency Investors: What recommendations would you provide to a newcomer to cryptocurrency investing? Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies? Before trading, it is important to understand how to invest in cryptocurrencies, which digital currencies are promising, as well as the investing techniques to implement. When you are new to cryptocurrencies, having solid counsel might be a major step for you.

Even if you’ve read a good and honest eToro review or was able to test Binance, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make a profit because it will still depend on your trading decisions.

To begin with, you should be aware that investing in cryptocurrencies is a rather dangerous financial activity. There is no guarantee that a specific investment will make a profit, and many purchasers have lost money. As a result, the major piece of financial advise of this sort is to avoid putting all of your money into a single crypto asset.

Do you wish to put your money into Bitcoin or another virtual currency? Favor the most well-known cryptocurrencies, which are also the most well-capitalized. The headliner, and it comes as no surprise, is Bitcoin. In this essay, we will discuss which cryptocurrency to invest in, how to acquire cryptocurrencies, and how to succeed.

Cryptocurrency Investors: Discover more about cryptocurrency.

The first piece of advise for new bitcoin investors is to first understand about cryptocurrencies. The great majority of new cryptocurrencies are shitcoins, however true nuggets may be distinguished from shitcoins. Let’s begin by looking for a cryptocurrency.

Navigate to the BscScan website. Then choose “View BEP-20 Transfers.” Don’t worry if the list seems to be disorganised. Take a look at the “Tokens” column on the right. Search for the grey symbol next to the cryptocurrency names. This suggests that cryptocurrency is relatively new.

Established cryptocurrencies already have their symbols displayed, which typically indicates you are too late to earn significant profits. You may reload this website every second and discover new coins every time.

Watch the new cryptocurrencies (with the grey symbol) on different tabs. It’s time to research now that you’ve discovered a cryptocurrency!

1. Holders

Examine the list of ” Holders ” on the page you just accessed.  The liquidity pool, commonly referred to as ” Pancakeswap: corner,” and the dead cryptomonnaire portfolio, commonly referred to as ” 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dead “.

What is the significance of this? This essentially eliminates the likelihood of a rug pull, particularly if the percentage of dead cryptocurrencies in the portfolio exceeds 50%. (A rug pull is a harmful tactic in which cryptocurrency engineers quit a project and depart with the cash of investors.)

Also, be cautious if there are an excessive number of whales. For example, eight wallets each holding 3% of the entire bitcoin is a major red sign. Give up right now. A robust new coin should have at least 200-300 holders. If not, give up as well!

2. Liquidity pool

The liquidity pool is critical. If the liquidity pool is less than $30,000, do not purchase. Why is this so? Because fraudsters and genuine shitcoins seldom offer such a large liquidity pool. Again, we are attempting to drastically decrease risk.

You may copy the contract ID and go to ” PooCoin “, then input the contract URL, press enter, and on the next page, on the left side, you will see ” COIN/BNB LP BNB Holdings: ” You’ll need at least $30,000 or more for this. If there is less, give up right now!

3. Volume of transactions over a fixed period

Examine the “Transfers” section. Give up immediately if the coin only has a few transactions every 2–3 hours! A suitable number of transactions per minute for a new coin should be at least 5-10.

4. Cryptocurrency website and social networks, …

Ascertain that the cryptocurrency has a website as well as a Twitter account. If she doesn’t have a website and a Twitter account, give up right now! If she has a Reddit page, a Telegram channel/group, a Discord server, an Instagram page, and a YouTube channel. It’s even greater than that!

5. Cryptocurrency name and design

Another aspect of blockchain goods that is sometimes disregarded is branding. That shouldn’t be the case. Effective branding, like with any competitive product on the market, is what distinguishes you from the crowd. Your reputation and everything you stand for are embodied in your brand.

It’s the same with cryptocurrencies; if a cryptocurrency lacks a nice design, logo, etc…, be wary. These qualities are critical for a cryptocurrency’s trustworthiness. Always double-check these things.

Invest small amounts

The second piece of advice for new bitcoin investors is to start modestly. Begin trading on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Transaction costs are kept to a minimum.

This is not possible on the Ethereum blockchain, which has high gas prices. Other blockchains with minimal fees include Avalanche, Solana, and… However, nothing compares to the BSC in terms of getting your hands on the field.

Invest just extremely little sums per coin within the first month. You won’t become a billionaire, but you will avoid going bankrupt! Prepare to lose your whole money. If you can’t afford it and want to sleep well at night, don’t do it!

Newbie Cryptocurrency Investor Tips: Be Careful

The final rookie bitcoin investor advice we can provide you is to exercise caution. Only invest money that you are willing to lose. We can’t stress this enough: all investments include risk.

Never invest your rent, your children’s school expenses, or anything else. Don’t put yourself in perilous circumstances; no one can forecast the future of cryptocurrencies with any degree of certainty.

Be curious

We are certain that the more you know about cryptocurrency, the more you will be able to enhance your critical thinking and prevent mistakes. Curiosity is therefore the fourth piece of advise for new cryptocurrency investors.

Don’t believe anybody who claims to be able to anticipate the market’s and cryptocurrencies’ development. Use reputable sources for information, such as,, or

Have a mind of steel

You are well aware of this, but like with any investment, your psychology will have a significant influence on your selections. Some cryptocurrencies may see quite big volatility, and it is all too easy for our emotions to get the better of us. The idea is to remain as sensible as possible while avoiding broad panic (FUD).

This is why we used to say that if you had a rapid heart, you’re not made out for cryptocurrency. A downturn in the market is not necessarily a negative thing. This is a possibility for you to purchase and store your cryptocurrencies.

Diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio

A varied portfolio helps your total assets withstand the shocks of any financial disturbance, allowing you to strike the ideal balance for your savings goal. Diversification, however, is not restricted to the types of investments or asset classes. It also applies to each security class.

To reduce your risks, do not place all of your bets on a single cryptocurrency. Instead, diversify your investments in other virtual currencies and keep a portion of your funds set aside for the acquisition of well-established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Dash, and so on.

We’re all seeking for the rare pearl that will increase our profits tenfold, but it’s critical to keep the risks under control. To purchase or trade bitcoin, choose renowned and safe platforms such as,, and

You may now purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on the Finance de Demain group’s “” platform. Find out more about wallet diversion methods.

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Remember to secure your cryptocurrencies

We can’t say it enough. One of the novice bitcoin investor recommendations we can provide you is to keep your portfolio safe. Don’t deposit all of your money in the same account. Consider setting two-factor authentication to safeguard your accounts if you store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated platform.

And, if feasible, not by SMS to your cell phone, but rather via a specialised programme, such as Google Authenticator. Select a portfolio that is appropriate for your investment. The most secure method is still to use a hardware wallet ( Ledger Nano S ).

Do not start playing day trader

The term “day trader” refers to a market participant who participates in day trading. A day trader buys and sells financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, futures, and options on the same trading day, which implies that all positions he opens are closed on the same trading day.

A good day trader must understand which stocks to trade, when to enter and quit a transaction, and when to exit a trade. Day trading is becoming more popular as more individuals want financial independence and the flexibility to live their life as they like.

We see far too many newcomers begin their investing with day-to-day trading. Trading is a very difficult career that requires extensive understanding of the subject. As a trader, you cannot expect to improve overnight. Start slowly and cautiously. To begin, we advocate for long-term investments. Find out more about day trading.

Have a specific investment strategy

Investing in digital assets is similar to investing in conventional assets such as equities and bonds. Here are some essential financial methods to consider while managing your cryptocurrency assets.

Do not begin investing until you have a solid plan on how to proceed. Before purchasing a cryptocurrency, you should have a strategy, whether it is for a short or long term purchase.

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