Cloud Computing companies USA: 15 Top Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing companies USA

An Overview of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing companies USA, Previously, we stored our data on computer hard discs. Cloud computing services have mostly supplanted hard disc technology. Cloud computing is simply the provision of services such as storage, databases, servers, networking, and software through the Internet.

Few companies provide such computing services, hence they are referred to as “Cloud Computing Providers/ Companies.” They charge their consumers for using such services, and the prices are depending on how much they utilise the services.

In our everyday lives, we utilise cloud computing without even realising it, such as web-based email, streaming movies over the internet, editing papers, and storing photos.

We can build and develop new apps, store and restore data, and host websites using cloud technologies.

Cloud computing services are broadly classified into three groups.

1) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This service rents out infrastructure components such as servers, operating systems, virtual machines, networks, and storage.

E.g: Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure

2) Platform as a Service (PaaS): This service is utilised for software development, testing, and maintenance. PaaS is similar to IaaS but includes extra tools such as DBMS and BI services.

E.g: Apprenda, Red Hat OpenShift

3) Software as a Service (SaaS): This service allows subscribers to connect to programmes through the Internet.

E.g: Google Applications, Salesforce

Top Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud Computing companies USA, Here’s a quick rundown of each firm on the list:

1) Kamatera

Cloud Computing companies USA, Kamatera delivers cloud infrastructure services that are both low-maintenance and high-performance. Its cloud services are also quite affordable (you can set up a server for as little as $4).

Kamatera’s main characteristics are:

  • VPS Hosting that is tailored to your needs. They simply charge based on how much you use. For example, if you increase 1 GB of RAM, you will simply be charged for that amount, with no need to add more server resources.
  • There is no penalty for adding or removing servers.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95 percent.
  • Try it completely free for 30 days. There are no hidden costs or obligations. During the trial time, you will also have access to all cloud Management Platform functionalities.
  • Tech Human Support is available 24/7/365.
  • 14 Global Data Centers spread across four continents.

2) ScienceSoft

Cloud Computing companies USA, ScienceSoft has been assisting organisations in safely and cost-effectively using the cloud since 2012. As a vendor-neutral service provider, the firm has extensive knowledge of many clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace. ScienceSoft’s scale and expertise enable it to address your changing IT and cloud requirements.

Their cloud services portfolio comprises the following:

  • Design of well-planned cloud strategies.
  • Cloud migrations, including any necessary application and database optimizations
  • Configuration and tailoring of cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure to your company requirements.
  • Development of cloud-native applications.
  • Management of your cloud resources or infrastructure, including frequent monitoring and transparent reporting on infrastructure performance and root cause investigation of events.

Core Functions of ScienceSoft:

  • Offices across the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.
  • Accredited competence in private, public, and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud strategies that are pragmatic (minimized initial investments, fast ROI).
  • Concentrate on security. 19 years of experience in cybersecurity services, as well as a 19-year cooperation with IBM in security product and service delivery.
  • Management of all cloud resources from start to finish, including virtual machines, networks, storage, web and database servers, security and DevOps tools, SaaS apps, and more.

3) phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP Essentials:

  • phoenixNAP is a worldwide IT services company that provides safe and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions such as private, public, and managed cloud services.
  • To suit increasing business demands, phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud, Virtual Private Data Center, Managed Private Cloud, and Public Cloud use cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.
  • phoenixNAP provides comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, and availability solutions in addition to its high-performance cloud platform.
  • phoenixNAP’s services, delivered on an opex-friendly manner, enable access to enterprise-grade technology at a low cost.
  • The cloud computing solutions provided by phoenixNAP may assist you in meeting compliance, security, and business continuity objectives.

4) Serverspace

Cloud Computing companies USA, Serverspace – Cloud operates on a cutting-edge hyper-converged vStack platform built with outstanding Open Source technology. The lightweight bhyve hypervisor and the OS FreeBSD with its streamlined codebase aid in the development of next-generation virtual machines.

  • SLA of 99.9% means that the servers will be reliable or you will get a refund.
  • Servers with exceptional performance.
  • Powerful Xeon Gold CPUs VMs are based on the most recent 2nd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs with 3.1 GHz frequency and provide a revolutionary new level of cloud computing.
  • NVMe SSDs with extreme performance. Cloud servers use high-speed solid-state discs with high IOPS rates. Data is saved three times and is always accessible with no latency.
  • Technical help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Specialists respond to all queries quickly and to the point.
  • Configurations that are adaptable. You may choose the amount of processing cores, RAM capacity, disc storage, and bandwidth for each cloud server and modify it whenever you want.
  • You may pay as you go with a 10-minute billing cycle.
  • In 40 seconds, you may spin up your virtual machine using an easy-to-use control panel. Without lengthy installations or tedious documentation to read.

5) pCloud

pCloud is a secure encrypted cloud storage service that can be used to store, share, and work on all of your files. It is available from any location and on any device. It includes features such as Teams and access levels, Shared folders, Comments to files and folders, and Activity Monitoring.

With pCloud, you receive more storage capacity, unrivalled security, improved search, and a scalable infrastructure.


  • pCloud allows you to manage files from the web, desktop, or mobile devices.
  • There are several file-sharing services accessible.
  • It may store versions of the file for a set amount of time.
  • It allows you to backup your images from social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa.
  • It secures data with TLS/SSL encryption.

6. Amazon Web Service (AWS)

  • AWS is the most secure and secured cloud service platform, providing a diverse collection of infrastructure services such as database storage, processing power, and networking.
  • This AWS may be used to host static webpages.
  • Users may construct complex applications that are trustworthy, scalable, and adaptable by using such services.
  • AWS hands-on experience is available for free.

7) Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure is used to deploy, create, and manage applications across a global network.
  • Microsoft Azure was formerly known as Windows Azure.
  • This Cloud computing service is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, databases, tools, programming languages, and frameworks.
  • Microsoft Azure is available for a 30-day free trial.

8) Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform makes use of Google data centre resources such as computers, virtual machines, hard drives, and so on.
  • Google Cloud Platform is a live data storage platform used by developers and corporations.
  • Aside from the free trial, this service is accessible with a variety of convenient Pay-As-You-Go monthly options (PAYG).

9) Adobe

  • Adobe has a number of products that provide cloud services. Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Document Cloud are a few examples.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS) that allows customers to access Adobe capabilities such as video editing, photography, and graphic design.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud provides its customers with access to a diverse variety of tools for advertising, campaign development, and business information.
  • Adobe Document Cloud is a comprehensive digital documentation solution.

10) VMware

  • VMware is the undisputed global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure.
  • VMware’s cloud computing is unique in that it reduces IT complexity, lowers costs, and delivers flexible agile services.
  • VMware vCloud Air is a secure public cloud platform that provides networking, storage, disaster recovery, and compute services.
  • VMware’s Cloud solutions help to optimise your organization’s cloud computing revenues by integrating the services, technology, and advice required to run and manage the workforce.

11) IBM Cloud

  • IBM Cloud provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS across all cloud delivery types.
  • Using IBM Cloud, you may choose and combine your preferred tools, data models, and delivery methods while designing/creating your next-generation services or apps.
  • IBM Cloud is used to create innovative solutions that may provide value to your company and industry.
  • The IBM Bluemix Cloud platform allows you to integrate high-performance cloud communications and services into your IT system.

12) Rackspace

  • Rackspace Cloud provides a variety of cloud computing services such as web application hosting, Cloud Files, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Backup, Databases, and Cloud Servers.
  • Rackspace Cloud Block Storage achieves great performance by combining solid-state discs with hard drives.
  • Rackspace Cloud Backup employs compression and encryption methods to deliver low-cost file-level backups.
  • Customers that use Rackspace Cloud services are paid according to their use.

13) Red Hat

  • IT firms leverage Red Hat Open Cloud technologies to create agile and flexible solutions.
  • We can modernise the applications, update and manage them from a single location, and combine all of the required components into a single solution using Red Hat Cloud.
  • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables us to design and operate a low-cost open cum private cloud.
  • Red Hat Open Shift is an open and hybrid service that developers utilise to swiftly design, deploy, host, and distribute applications.

14) Salesforce

  • Salesforce Cloud Computing provides all of the applications that organisations demand, such as CRM, ERP, customer support, sales, mobile apps, and marketing.
  • Salesforce cloud computing includes a variety of cloud services such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud aids in the management of client contact information as well as the automation of company operations.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud enables clients to be supported at any time and from any location.

15) Oracle Cloud

  • Oracle Cloud is offered in three flavours: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Oracle Cloud assists businesses in changing their business agility and minimising IT complexity.
  • Oracle Cloud SaaS offers a fully data-driven and secure cloud environment.
  • Oracle Cloud PaaS assists IT Enterprises and Independent Developers in developing, connecting, securing, and sharing data across apps.
  • Oracle Cloud IaaS is a comprehensive collection of subscription-based and integrated services that enable an Enterprise to operate any kind of workload.

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