8 Divi child themes for personal coaches

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child themes for personal coaches

Divi child themes for personal coaches: Many personal coaches have turned to Divi to build their online platform. Of course, it makes sense why they would use Divi: the latter offers everything you need to display your services, testimonials, blog on your domain, and communicate with potential customers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to build your life coaching website from scratch. In this list, we will be looking at 8 Divi child themes for personal coaches, which will help you start your next Divi project. Stick around until the end for a bonus layout pack.

child themes for personal coaches

Divi child themes for personal coaches

1. Quimper

Quimper was designed for life coaches, therapists, healers, and wellness professionals. It comes with 8 personalized pages. The Package Details page has a lot of information about the package and includes a CTA.

Quimper offers details of an event, including a CTA and an hourly schedule. The Podcast page includes built-in podcasts. It also includes multiple blog layouts, a testimonial page, 3 opt-ins, a Bloom opt-in for the footer, a built-in Instagram feed, and a WP login customizer and login page. The style includes a feminine design with soft colors and floral backgrounds.

Price: 170 €

2. Life coach

Life Coach was designed for life coaches who deliver onsite and audio conferences. It’s a one-page design that includes a minimalist white background with dark blue highlights all over. A section for conferences includes built-in audio players. A section for the monthly conference calendar is managed with stylized tabs.

You will also find blurbs, number counters, testimonials, CTA, pricing tables, maps, slim opt-in for emails, and more. The clean design has a professional corporate feel that will appeal to executives.

Price: $ 29

3. Vivid

Vivid was designed for coaches, mentors, and educators. It comes with 10 main pages including several Work With Me pages for private coaching, group coaching, online programs, VIP membership.

It also includes Starter and Long Form Sales Pages, 2 Bloom Forms, 2 Policy Pages, Archive Pages, Single Post Pages, 404 Page, Monarch Style, Social Icon Integration, etc.

A double menu displays the main menu and a hamburger menu with more links. Services are displayed with a personalized hover reveal animation. It has a feminine design that can be changed easily in the stylesheet.

Price: £ 120.00

4. Divi Coach

Divi Coach was designed with life coaches, mentors, speakers, therapists, and trainers in mind. It comes with 4 pages to show your services, events, testimonials, blog posts, information, and a contact form. The home page includes a personalized portfolio section.

Blog posts are displayed in a custom carousel and a custom recent blog. It also includes a custom style for the blog page. It has a feminine color scheme, but the colors are easy to change for any kind of professional design you want.

Price: $ 39

5. Divi Girl

Divi Girl was designed for life coaches, bloggers, speakers, trainers, authors, service providers, etc. It comes with 12 home pages including one called Life Coach to display your services, information, testimonials, etc.

It also includes a blog with multiple layouts for unique posts, WooCommerce integration with all store pages, FAQ page, and Contact page.

The homepage displays a CTA in the heroes section, several styles of the blurb, and several full-width sections for a quote and a contact CTA. Soft colors are perfect for a feminine design.

Price: $ 49

6. Thrive

Thrive was designed with coaches, mentors, and consultants in mind. It comes with 6 main pages including Work With Me to show your services and Kind Words to show your testimonials. It includes a main magnet for Divi and Bloom, a global custom footer, custom fonts, and a call to action.

The hero section and blurb including text with light blue overlays and white borders. Title fonts are in gold. The other pages have a similar style. Colors can be changed easily in the stylesheet.

Price: £ 79.00

7. Lil Feminine

Lil Feminine was designed for life coaches, business coaches, and more. It comes with 6 main pages, including services, to show the types of services and courses you offer. The services on the home page are presented in multiple sections with descriptions that include an overlay for the section.

It also includes great CTAs, a custom blog section, multiple blog layouts with custom sidebars, archive and category pages, a custom footer, and a built-in Instagram feed. Soft colors are ideal for female life coaches.

Price: € 99.99

8. Divi Coach Child Theme

The Divi Coach Child theme has been designed for several types of coaching websites including life coaches. It comes with 5 pages to show your services and information. Services are displayed in layouts that include custom animations and overlays that display hover information.

A custom team section includes a similar design, which is great for businesses with multiple life coaches. Divi overlays, Divi bars and Divi Mega Pro are built-in and include professionally designed templates. The menu displays a CTA. The green highlights and style are perfect for both male and female life trainers.

Price: $ 49

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Bonus: life coach layout pack

The Elegant Themes life coach layout pack comes with 6 pages including Home, Blog, Coaching to show your coaching services, Contact, About, and a landing page.

Layouts include orange highlights, gray backgrounds, angular dividers, and lots of styling modules like the blurb, blog, testimonials, contact form, signup form, follow-up social media, flip flops, etc.

The layout is available in Divi Builder and includes free photos that you can use with your projects. The diagonal structure and colors give the layout a unique design that stands out.

Price: free

End thoughts

This is our look at 8 Divi child themes for personal coaches. We’ve also added a bonus layout pack from Elegant Themes, just in case you aren’t looking for a child theme.

These child themes are great choices for showing off your life coaching services, testimonials, available packages, tools, building your suite, communicating with clients, and more. These are professionally designed and will give you a good head start on your next Divi website.


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