CCD full form

What is the full form of CCD?

CCD full form: Cafe Coffee Day

CCD full form: Cafe Coffee Day is the full version of CCD. In Hindi, CCD stands for Cafe Coffee Day ( CCD ). This is an Indian coffee shop chain. Coffee Day Enterprises Limited owns the company. In six nations, Coffee Day delivers 1.8 billion cups of coffee each year. It is Asia’s top producer of Arabic beans, exporting to places as far apart as the Americas, Europe, and Japan.

CCD’s founder

In 1993, VG Siddharth founded the cafe chain. Siddhartha went missing on July 29, 2019, and his body was discovered two days later on the banks of the Netravati River. Siddhartha’s letter to the board of directors and workers, in which he apologizes for failing to create a profitable business model, was made public.


The first CCD store opened on Brigade Road in Bangalore, Karnataka’s capital, on July 11, 1996. It swiftly spread to other Indian cities, and by 2018, the company has 1,722 café locations in more than 200 cities. Outside of India, Cafe Coffee Day has locations in Austria (Vienna), the Czech Republic, Egypt, and Nepal.

Other full variants of the CCD abbreviation

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