CBD shipping: Why is CBD shipping so expensive?

CBD shipping, Cannabis-derived goods are not inexpensive. A 30 ml bottle may range from R$200.00 to R$3,000.00. Everything will depend on the dosage and condition being treated.

In proportion to how much the price of imported oil is cheaper than the price of oil sold in pharmacies, the price of imported oil rises.

Shipping costs might range between R$100 and R$1,000, depending on the product’s origin and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration. The chemical is the primary agent responsible for the hallucinogenic effects. However, why is it so costly?

How much does it cost to import cannabidiol?

Since 2015, when Resolution 335 restricted the importation of cannabis-based goods, there has been no taxes.

This implies that any natural person who imports lawfully any product generated from the plant is free from the product’s tax.

In contrast, the majority of oils originate from the United States. The price is flexible but expressed in USD.

The price of imports is influenced by the following factors:

load value

Any product’s pricing may be a significant element in estimating delivery costs. Since the invoice indicates an expensive goods, the shipment will also be costly.

This is because the carrier must insure the goods in the event of an accident. Therefore, the higher the value of the item, the higher the transportation costs might be. But this is not the norm.


The distance also adds to the high price, particularly in the case of CBD, which is located in a separate nation.

It is vital to know that there are only two methods to import cannabis-based therapeutic products:

  • Express delivery;
  • Alternatively, accompanying baggage.

Postal shipping is forbidden.


The urgency of delivery, according to Marina Menezes, who works with the import of items by Cannect, is another factor contributing to the rise in freight costs.

Typically, the items are bought for quick delivery, which, depending on the supplier’s availability, might occur the day after the purchase.

Products with a high level of THC

However, other medical disorders, including as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, need larger THC dosages, which may make things more problematic.

The United States prohibits the export of items containing more over 0.3% THC, since this is considered trafficking.

Therefore, it must be imported from other nations. When the nation of origin changes, so does the applicable law.

Consider Macedonia as an example. In order to export a cannabis-derived product with a greater tetrahydrocannabinol concentration, regulatory clearance is necessary. Similar to an Anvisa.

With all the paperwork, the shipping cost per bottle may sometimes surpass R$400.

Collective import

CBD shipping, Numerous organisations and patient groups have used collective buying to decrease shipping costs.

They determine the number of people who need the medication and negotiate with the foreign pharmaceutical business, which provides the whole supply at once.

As a significant purchase, joint importation helps decrease expenses. The higher quantity of oils affords the opportunity to negotiate the initial prices, particularly if they are recurrent imports from the same source.

Although Anvisa does not permit group purchasing, it is a widespread practise among patients with the authorisation. It is as if the purchase were made by an individual, but when bargaining with the drugstore, the price reduces since so many people are purchasing from the same location.

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