We have selected three main categories of use of CRM software to help you make the right choice, according to your needs, and your business.

1. You want to manage a sales pipe

Your goal is to allow your sales teams to organize themselves (lead attribution), to gain in productivity with a layer of automation and to obtain better visibility on your sales performance. This use of CRM software makes it possible to systematize your commercial processes in order to iterate, and gain in efficiency: the goal is to maximize the conversion rates between each step of the sales funnel. Good to know: if you are looking for CRM software for “basic” use (organization & performance forecasting, a lot of free software exists.

2. You want to manage multiple projects

This type of CRM / project management software is more suitable for consulting firms, development agencies, real estate agencies, travel agencies, etc. The objective of this software is above all to gain productivity and quality. In their simplest version, this software can automate many time-consuming micro-tasks such as editing invoices, quotes or commercial proposals, monitoring the hours spent on each project, etc. In their more complex version, this software allows you to do ABM (Account-Based Marketing). The idea is to develop knowledge of your accounts receivable to allow you to better identify the development opportunities of these accounts by having an overview of each account and the projects in progress on each.

3. You want to develop a vision centered around the customer

Your goal is to centralize all your customer data (calls made, note-taking, emails sent, behavior on your website, store visits, products purchased, etc.). The simplest software makes it possible to obtain an enriched “customer file” of all your data sources, to have all the information on a given customer easily accessible. But in their more complex versions (and much, much more expensive), this software allows you to go much further, by allowing you to manage your customer relationship automatically, on a very large scale, thanks to advanced segmentation functionalities. If you are in e-commerce, or in software publishing, this software are made for you and allow you to obtain considerable performance gains