Cannabidiol: Why is Cannabidiol so expensive?

By Tamer Alexandera
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is recognised to help in the treatment of a variety of issues including anxiety, sleeplessness, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and chronic pain.

It has been shown to be one of the most efficient strategies to treat the symptoms of many disorders, with little side effects.

The cost of products containing this cannabinoid is still an issue, as it is with other medications.

CBD prices may range between R$200 and R$3,000 depending on concentration.

But, what are the grounds for this price, after all?


It is not easy to get a CBD-based product. Some treatments are required for this, all of which have a cost.

To be able to provide any cannabis therapy, a medical prescription is required. To acquire it, the interested patient must schedule a paid visit with a health practitioner.

If the goods is imported, the price rises even more. This is due to the fact that shipping would be included in this “combo.”

The situation, on the other hand, evolves. According to Ernesto Hideki, Cannect’s vice president of operations and products, freight is getting more economical, nearing national levels.

Currency that is undervalued

This is the main issue with imported goods. Because to the depreciation of the currency, freight becomes overpriced.

In other words, although costs are reasonable in comparison to other nations, the cost of importing Cannabidiol is inflated by the value of other currencies such as the Euro and the Dollar.

Health coverage

Another issue for persons getting cannabis therapy is that health insurance companies are not required to pay these treatments.

They are only obligated to pay for goods on the ANS list, which presently does not include any cannabis treatment, according to the legislation.

Many disorders, however, do not have the chemicals prescribed for their therapy on this list. However, since there are no fees associated with the treatment, the plans choose not to commit to paying.

Quality and advantages

It is a commercial logic that a high-quality product with several advantages is more costly.

CBD oil, in addition to being the sole viable option in many circumstances, is also a more natural medication, in that it does not give the patient as many adverse effects as other medicines.

Pharmacy prices

Currently, two pharmaceutical grade items are available for purchase in drugstores. Cannabidiol Prati-Donaduzzi and Mevatyl are the two.

The first is made locally in the Paraná area, whereas the second is imported and manufactured by the British business GW Pharma.

Treatment with them is still expensive. Prati-Donaduzzi may cost between R$200 and R$700 depending on concentration, whereas Mevatyl can cost up to R$2,800.

According to José Bacellar, CEO of Verdemed, price is exorbitant because to the raw material, which may cost up to $10,000 in certain situations.

Furthermore, José made a point of highlighting that the future outlook is favourable. With rising demand and the rise of new cannabis firms, the price of these goods is expected to fall.

There are many alternatives

Checking all potential market pricing is essential in a therapy, in addition to understanding the proper approach for the situation.

One advantage of the cannabis industry is that there are several products available for usage in various situations.

According to Ernesto, a decent search may also considerably assist patients’ life, since there are various cannabis-based medications that offer the same outcome but at different prices.

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